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Courses Offered 

Integrated BS- MS Program

Curriculum and Courses

I. Objectives

IISER model of education is concept-based and inquiry-driven, as opposed to the more traditional content-based models. There is a strong emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of today’s science, and recognition of the importance of research experience

The courses offered for the UG program at IISER, Pune, form part of a comprehensive program that will enable the students to understand the basic laws of nature and develop necessary skills to apply them to any desired area or discipline. The students get trained for a career in basic sciences or any related applied science or technology.

II. General Pattern.

The courses offered during the first two years (semesters I to IV) of course work are meant as basic courses common and mandatory for all students and therefore are introductory in nature. But these courses are meant to give a flavor of the various approaches and analyses as well as to prepare them for advanced courses in later years of study.

In the third and fourth years (semesters V-VIII), students can choose advanced courses based on their interest. The courses offered in the first two years would help them to make an informed judgment to determine their real interest and their aptitude for a given subject. Students also have the freedom to choose advanced courses from more than one discipline to achieve interdisciplinary expertise

The fifth year will be devoted to a thesis by research which completes the requirements of the program.

III. Details of the courses

Detailed listing of all Courses Offered at IISER Pune