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GPU Application Hackathon 2018  Sep 17, 2018

IISER Pune along with OpenACC.org and in association with C-DAC and NVIDIA, under the aegis of National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) has organised:

GPU Application Hackathon 2018 (GAH - 2018)

(See flyer)

This hackathon event aims to investigate and implement latest parallelization and optimization techniques for up-scaling scientific application on general-purpose graphics processing units (GPGPU's).

Dates: September 17-21, 2018

Venue: IISER Pune, India

Objective: GAH 2018 presents an unique opportunity for the participating teams to jump start their journey towards parallelization, acceleration or optimization of their existing application on GPU's using any of the preferred tools and technologies. Teams will be closely monitored and mentored by experts from domains of the targeted application. Teams and experts would deliberate, decide and implement some of well-established parallelization and optimization techniques using GPU into their application source code. At the end, each team should have significantly accelerated their code or get to know the steps to take next to continue working further on the same.

  • This is a 5-day event: 1-day OpenACC introductory training, followed by a 4 day Hackathon.
  • Selected teams will be assigned mentors and are expected to engage in technical discussions / presentations / deliberations / code performance evaluation with their respective mentor prior to the event.
  • Participants will get access to compute cluster made available by C-DAC.
  • On the last day of Hackathon, every team must present their learning and achievement as a technical report, a member of the team shall present it to all the attendees during the closing ceremony.
  • Based on mutual agreement between mentor and the participants, further collaboration opportunities may be explored.

Benefits to Participants:
  • Unique opportunity to get mentored for your application by well recognized domain experts across academia, research and industry from within and outside India
  • Enhancing application performance within a short span of time
  • Experimenting with application on latest architectures of computing system
  • New levels of performance of your code, time with experts, ability to run on supercomputers may bring you closer to a new paper or talk
  • Potential opportunity to further collaborate with mentors even after the event
  • Certificate of participation

Target Audience: The event is intended for current or prospective user groups of large hybrid CPU-GPU systems to send teams of 3 or 6 developers along with either

(1) a (potentially) scalable application that could benefit from GPU acceleration,
(2) an application running on accelerators that needs optimization

Contact:  In case of queries, write to: gah-2018@cdac.in