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Public Lecture by Prof. Ashok Venkitaraman  Jan 08, 2016

As a part of its 10th-year celebrations, IISER Pune is organizing a public lecture on:


Early intervention in cancer through the tumour suppressive mechanisms that control genome stability
Prof. Ashok Venkitaraman
(Medical Research Council Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge, UK)

Date: January 08, 2016

Time: 04:00 pm

Venue: Sir CV Raman Auditorium, IISER, Pune

Abstract: Transition from the pre-malignant to invasive stages of cancer progression in epithelial tissues is accompanied by the inactivation of tumour suppressive mechanisms that control genome stability. I will discuss insights emerging from our lab’s work concerning the cellular and molecular organization of these tumour suppressive mechanisms (eg., 1-4), and new approaches (eg., 5-7) that offer the potential for early clinical intervention through improvements in risk stratification, diagnosis and therapy.
About the Speaker: Prof Venkitaraman is the Ursula Zoellner Professor of Cancer Research at the University of Cambridge, and the Director of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Cancer Cell Unit at the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre. He is a Collaborative Science Chair at inStem and NCBS, Bangalore, and coordinates the Centre for Chemical Biology and Therapeutics there. He was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, London, in 2001, and as a member of the EMBO European academy, Heidelberg, in 2004.
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