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Computing Facilities 

Computing @ IISER

The computing facility and IT infrastructure at IISER Pune caters to all the faculty, students and staff. The institute has a good number of server and workstation class computers for various system administration services. This is apart from  the large number of PCs and worstations that serve the personal computing requirements.

High Performance Cluster :

IISER Pune has a 6-TeraFLOP high-performance computing cluster primarily used by faculty and research students. This system has 512 cores spread over 64 nodes with 18 GB RAM per node and has a high-speed interconnect. In addition, there are several mini-clusters with number of cores ranging from 200 to 500 in each of them. There are several storage devices available providing a total storage capacity of more than 200 TB for HPC users. Further augmentation of the high performance cluster is currently in progress and will be completed in the next few months.


Network :

The IISER Local Area Network consists of both the wired and wireless components and connects all computers in the institute including the mobile devices such as laptops. All computers in the institute have access to 100 Mbps internet connection. Most of the softwares required for scientific research and technical work have been procured by the institute, often with a campus wide license and most of them available over the IISER network.



IISER also hosts two e-classrooms funded by Govt. of India and it is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) through a 100 Mbps connectivity. The conncectivity of the NKN will soon be upgraded to 1 Gbps. The NKN connects many other institutions like most of the national laboratories, IITs, IIMs and other IISERs. This facility is used to run classes for students taking courses from different parts of the country.