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Women's Cell 

To work without harassment is every individual's fundamental right. IISER Pune therfore believes in and practices a “ZERO TOLERANCE” and “GENDER EQUALITY” policy. Gender equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favored.

IISER Pune has an active Women’s Cell in compliance with directives of the Supreme Court of India. The Cell functions as a committee that investigates and recommends action on all acts of harassment against any individual of ANY gender. Its objectives are to:
     -  uphold the dignity of women
     -  facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment free of gender-specific discrimination or sexual harassment
     -  ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated against because of lodging such complaints
     -  take proactive measures to educate the IISER Pune community about gender-sensitivity
The Women's Cell at IISER Pune presently comprises:
        Dr. Mayurika Lahiri, Chairperson
        Dr. Rama Mishra, Member
        Dr. Srabanti Chaudhury, Member
        Mrs. Mariamma John, Member
        Dr. Sudarshan Ananth, Member
        Dr. Soumen Maity, Member 

What constitutes harassment and how to respond to it?

Policy document of the IISER Pune Women's Cell

For any queries / concerns, you can write to womencell@iiserpune.ac.in or womencell.chair@iiserpune.ac.in
Internal Complaints Committee
Offences that require the intervention of a higher authority are recommended to the INTERNAL COMPLAINTS COMMITTEE [statutory body constituted as per Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013] comprising of:
  • Prof. G Ambika, Chairperson
  • Dr AA Natu, Member
  • Dr Richa Rikhy, Member
  • Mrs Mariamma John, Member
  • Dr Vidya Gupta, Member (External)
  • Adv. Aditi Vaidya, Member (External)
  • Mrs Dipali Dalvi, Member Secretary

OM on Internal Complaints Committee