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COESME Upcoming Activities 

Upcoming Activities of the Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CoESME)
February 2019
1. Workshop on Evidence-based Science Policy Making, in collaboration with Newton Bhabha Fund, British Council
The workshop series aims to open up new career avenues to those working in science and generate a trained workforce to take on emerging roles in the growing scientific enterprise. An exposure to various areas of science policy with focus on how policy afftects practice of science, and vice versa will be discussed. The workshop will give an overview of the elements that go into science policy making and discuss how to develop policies such that the process of policy making builds momentum for implementation and real change for the better. It will give participants an understanding and many skills and techniquesrequired to write policy documents that are well evidenced and informed from all relevant perspectives, and well worded & communicated.  The workshop will have in-depth discussions and assignments that will give participants a feel for careers in this field. The workshop will be conducted by a team of trainers from Dialogue Matters, UK.  
Dates: February 25 to March 1, 2019


March 2019

1. Training of Trainer Workshop for UGC Faculty Induction Programme, in collaboration with University Grants Commission
The workshop will orient representatives from Category I and II Universities, HRDCs, and Faculty Development Centres / Teaching Learning Centres under PMMMNMTT scheme about the Faculty Induction Programme (FIP) planned by the UGC. FIP is a 30-day training for newly recruited college teachers wchich will be conducted in two phases and will be mplemented by the above centres. FIP is designed to prepare newly recruited college teachers for their teaching career by introducting them to various aspects of teaching-learning, instructional methods, assessment techniques, etc and equip them with knowledge governance and administration structures, etc. The workshop will provide orientation  to organisers of FIP about the broad philosophy, approach, contents, preparation, and implementation of the FIP.
Dates: March 27-29, 2019


May 2019
1. Induction Programme for College Teachers 
This is a full-time residential programme for newly recruited teachers of undergraduate courses in basic sciences, will orient participants on various aspects of teaching-learning, instructional methodologies, assessment and evaluation techniques, and use of ICT. It will also equip them with knowledge of University rules and regulations, basics of governance and administration which is essential for their teaching career. As per UGC Regulations, induction programmes under PMMMNMTT are equivalent with Orientation Programmes of UGC for Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) requirements.
Dates: May 1-25, 2019
2. Pre-workshop for Maharashtra State Teachers' Science Congress, in association with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
This one-day workshop oriented school teachers on how to write research papers in education and pedagogy and encouraged them to participate in the state-level teachers' science congress where they can present their research.
May 10, 2019