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COESME Upcoming Activities 

Upcoming Activities of the Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CoESME)


October 2019

1. Workshop for School Teachers on Computational Thinking (CT) and Scientific Inquiry (SI) in collaboration with our colaborator from Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.
The workshop will introduce high school teachers to computational thinking and its use in conducting scientific inquiry in the classroom. Relevance of computational thinking tools for modern science and its pedagogical application will be discusssed, along with hands-on sessions on inquiry as well as computational thinking. Teachers will design CTSI modules for their own classrooms, along with co-designers from Northwstern University and IISER Pune.
Dates: October 10-12, 2019

November 2019

1. Faculty Induction Programme suppported by PMMMNMTT Scheme, MHRD
This is a full-time residential programme for newly recruited teachers of undergraduate courses in basic sciences. The programme will orient them on various aspects of teaching-learning, instructional methodologies, assessment and evaluation techniques, and use of ICT. It will also equip them with knowledge of University rules and regulations, basics of governance and administration which is essential for their teaching career. As per UGC Regulations, induction programmes under PMMMNMTT are equivalent with Orientation Programmes of UGC for Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) requirements. Further details for registration
Dates: October 30 - November 23, 2019
December 2019
1. Technology and Innovation in Math Education (TIME) Conference 2019, jointly organised by IIT Bombay, IISER, Pune & BATU, Lonere
TIME 2019 is nineth in the series of Biennial Conferences of Mathematics Department, IIT Bombay. The conferences serve a dual role: as a forum in which mathematics educators and teachers can come together discuss and probe major issues associated with the integration of technology in mathematics teaching and learning, and as a place where they can share their perspectives, personal experiences, and innovative teaching practices. Eligibility, registration and further details
Dates: December 26-28, 2019