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Science Beyond Campus 

Our faculty members are very happy to spread the joy of doing science. We help organize one-day lecture series, wherein our faculty members visit schools, colleges and institutes to share their excitement about science with students of all levels. The host organisation has to bear the travel costs for such visits.

The lectures in the series can be about the faculty members' own work or about a topic that is in the news or is of special interest. The talks are designed to suit the audience, simplifying complex and technical terms to the students' level of knowledge. The sessions are highly interactive and students are actively encouraged to ask questions and interact freely with the speakers.

The aim is to motivate young students about science and education, and inspire them to consider research as a career option.

We organize three types of lecture series:

Joy of Science Series
   -  For high school and junior college students
   -  Popular elementary talks by IISER Pune faculty members on exciting areas of science
   -  Topics that are NOT covered in the regular curriculum are generally chosen
   -  Avenues for further reading, small projects etc. are suggested wherever possible
   -  Aimed at making young students enthusiastic about science
Science is Fun Series
   -  For students pursuing their bachelors' degree (I, II and III year BSc)
   -  Popular talks at a slightly advanced level on different areas of science
   -  Again, the topics are usually NOT part of the regular curriculum
   -  Wherever possible, suggestions are given for further reading.
   -  Aimed at encouraging students to look at science as a dynamic, exciting and constantly advancing endeavour.
Scientific Research Series
   -  For masters' level students (I and II year MSc)
   -  Popular talks, but at a slightly higher technical level
   -  The topics pertain to areas in which our faculty members are engaged in active research
   -  Aimed at making more mature students aware of the various avenues of research in modern science


If you are interested in organising an IISER Lecture Series at your institute, please write to outreach@iiserpune.ac.in with the following information:
  • Name, affiliation and brief description of your institute/department
  • Type of lecture series you would like organise (Joy of science, Science is fun, Scientific Research)
  • Number and background of students that you expect would participate
  • Preferred dates
Steps involved in organising a Lecture Series at your school/college/institute:
   1. Identify which series of talks you would like to host (Joy of science / Science is Fun / Scientific Research).
   2. Write to us at outreach@iiserpune.ac.in with the requisite information.
   3. Decide on a mutually convenient date, as per your institute's calendar and our faculty members' availability.
   4. Finalize a set of topics in consultation with IISER Pune faculty members.
   5. We would prefer to talk to a group of genuinely interested and motivated students, than to a hall full of resentful ones.
   6. There could be two to four one-hour talks with ample time for discussion between the talks.
   7. We request the host institute to cover travel costs and local hospitality.
   8. We will require just a lecture hall with LCD projector and a blackboard.
We also host visits from groups of school / college students to IISER Pune. See our Visit IISER Pune page to know more.