7th Peptide Engineering Meeting (PEM7-2015)
5-7 December 2015

The 7th Peptide Engineering Meeting (PEM-7) is a triennial international symposium addressing structure based design of peptides, peptide-protein interactions, peptide-membrane interactions, bioactive peptides and peptide based materials. The meeting encompasses various themes relevant to the interests of scientists from chemistry, biology, protein folding and materials sciences. This will also serve as an excellent platform to foster international collaborations and exchange of ideas.

This meeting was held earlier at Osaka (Japan, 1997), Naples (Italy, 2000), Boston (USA, 2003), Yokohama (Japan, 2006), Barcelona (Spain, 2009) and Atlanta (USA, 2012).

PEM7 will bring established scientists from across the globe together with younger researchers and dedicate talks, posters, and informal discussion on forefront topics in peptide engineering that include

Understanding the rules in the design of Protein Structure and Protein Epitope Mimetics and exploration of protein secondary structure mimetics as therapeutic leads.

Mimicking protein structures using foldamers derived from novel amino acids and peptide chemistry.

Understanding the fundamental biophysical principles of self- aggregation of peptides, peptide–based therapy, drug delivery, cell and tissue engineering, and the design of novel materials

Last date for the Abstract submission (for poster presentation) and Registration: 15th Nov 2015