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In line with the institute's visionIISER Pune believes in active participation of all stakeholders. The Deans play important roles in formulating and implementing institute policies, and ensure smooth functioning of their respective domains.
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Following are the Deans currently holding office:
                Research and Development
                Doctoral Studies
                Undergraduate Studies
Dean, Research and Development

Prof. Sanjeev Galande

Prof Galande is a biologist with many accolades to his credit, including SS Bhatnagar Prize and GD Birla Award. He is a fellow of all three national science academies of India.

As Dean, Research and Development, Prof Galande plays a role in strategic planning of future directions of the institute. His inputs are important in establishing new focus areas of research, exploring fund raising and endowment opportunities, developing central research facilities, interfacing with industry and supporting international academic partnerships.

Prof Galande's research focusses on epigenetics and chromatin biology. His group is trying to understand regulation of gene expression, and nuclear organization and function using various model systems.

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Dean, Faculty

Prof. Shyam Rai

Prof Rai is a reputed geologist. His honours include SS Bhatnagar Prize and JC Bose Fellowship. He is a fellow of all three national science academies of India.

In his role as Dean, Faculty, Prof Rai is deeply involved in faculty recruitments - screening and appointment of new faculty. He is responsible for expanding the research base of the institute by attracting faculty from varied disciplines and is involved in providing administrative support and mentorship to facilitate professional development of faculty members.

Prof Rai's research areas of interest include geophysical data modelling, inverse theory & its application. His group is also engaged in deep earth exploration and understanding earth process using seismic data.

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Dean, Doctoral Studies

Dr. Girish Ratnaparkhi

Dr Girish Ratnaparkhi is a biologist by training. He is a winner of the Young Scientist Medal of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.

As Dean, Doctoral Studies, Dr Ratnaparkhi is in charge of the PhD and integrated PhD programmes at IISER Pune. He is responsible for admission process and orientation of PhD students and gives organisational support throughout their tenure. He is also involved in setting and maintaining academic standards for the PhD programmes.

Dr Ratnaparkhi's research work is centred on gene regulation, innate immunity and embryonic development. The fruit fly, Drosophilia is his model system of choice.

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Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Bhas Bapat

Dr. Bhas Bapat is a physicist and an avid and popular teacher. He has won several academic and research awards. He  has also been active in public as well as educational outreach, particularly through his association with the Eklavya foundation.

In his role as Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Bapat looks after the flagship BS-MS programme of IISER Pune. He is involved in coordination of admissions as well as exams, curriculum design and implementation, and provision of all required classroom and laboratory facilities. He is responsible for adhering to high academic standards and ensuring over-all development of BS-MS students.

Dr. Bhas Bapat studies atomic collisions and molecular fragmentation. His group also specialises in designing and building sophisticated instruments for advanced physics experiments.

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Dean, Committee on Student Affairs (COSA)

Dr. Shivprasad Patil

Dr Shivprasad Patil is a physicist. He is holds a Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance Intermediate Fellowhship, given to young faculty members for research.

Dr Patil's work as Dean, COSA involves handling all student activities. It includes coordination between academic and extra-curricular pursuits of students, resolving issues related to hostel, dining, and other recreational and co-curricular facilities. HIs role is to create infrastructure and atmosphere that will promote balanced and all-round development of students.

Dr Patil works on nano-mechanics. His group uses atomic force microscopy to study single molecular interactions and is trying to develop new techniques to understand molecular level processes.

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