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Fellows & Independent Scientists 

Name Designation Research
Soumi Chakravorty DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow Earth and Climate Science Physical and Dynamical Oceanography; Tropical Ocean and Atmospheric coupled processes; Monsoon Interannual Variability
Chitrabhanu Chaudhuri DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow Mathematics Algebraic Geometry, Moduli of Curves
Anand Krishnan DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow Biology Interdisciplinary studies of bird sensory signals
Utsav Mannu DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow Earth and Climate Science Multiscale coupled geodynamic modelling; statistical machine learning tools to identify distinct zones of influence; wedge formation during back-arc spreading; consequences of seamount subduction under a wedge; modelling of heat flow in subduction zone
Independent Scientist
Smita Chaturvedi WOS-A DST Scientist Physics Multiferroic and multifunctional materials at nanoscale.Tailoring magnetic, dielectric and optical properties of nanocomposites and nanoparticles of bismuth ferrite and rare earth orthoferrites
Sunita Gadhakh WOS-A DST Scientist Chemistry
Antina Ghosh WOS-A DST Scientist Physics Soft condensed matter, glasses, jamming, phase transition, deformation of amorphous solids, Active colloidal system.
Keerthi Harikrishnan WOS-A DST Scientist Biology
Luminita Harnagea WOS-A DST Scientist Physics Synthesis and single crystal growth of novel materials showing interesting electronic, magnetic and topological phases and their main physical characterization
Tressa Jacob WOS-A DST Scientist Biology Understanding the molecular cross talk between epidermis and dermis during dermis development and scale formation, using zebrafish as a model organism
Nishad Matange SERB Research Scientist (till January 2021) Biology Evolution and Genetics of Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria
Seema Satin WOS-A DST Scientist Physics
Sheelan Sengupta Chowdhury WOS-A DST Scientist Physics Soft condensed matter, electronic properties of mesoscopic or quantum systems
Madhuri Vangala WOS-A DST Scientist Chemistry Carbohydrates, Glycopeptides, New methodologies