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An Autonomous Institution, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India
Non-Teaching Staff 

Administration and Accounts

Technical Services

Engineering Services

Administration and Accounts
   Col.  G. Raja Sekhar (Retd.)
 E-mail : registrar@iiserpune.ac.in
 Tel No. : +91 (20) 2590 8155
 Fax : +91 (20) 2025 1566
  C.A. Vasundhara Laad
 Joint Registrar (Fin. & Ac.)
  Santosh Nevse
 Assistant Registrar (Administration)
  Salim Shaikh
 Assistant Registrar (Stores and Purchase)
  Dipali Dalvi
 Assistant Registrar (Academics)
  Umeshareddy Kacherki
  Shiva Shankar Mahato  Assistant Librarian
  Avinash Abhale
 Chief Security Officer
  Dr. Parag Marathe  Medical Officer
  Beena Subhash
 Office Superintendent
  Dr Sowmya Palimar  Office Superintendent (Academics)
  Sreejit Marar  Office Superintendent - Dining Services
  Vrushali Birla
 Office Superintendent
  Harish Patil  Office Superintendent
  Alok Mishra  Office Superintendent
  Ramesh Mohite
 Private Secretary
  Manoj Chaudhari
 Private Secretary
  Mahesh Rote
 Personal Assistant
  Varsha Jain  Personal Assistant
  Tanuja Sapre
 Library and Information Assistant
  Namrata Shinde
 Library and Information Assistant
  Snehal Batule
  Prabhas Patankar
  Shraddha Visal
  Nayana Shirole  Office Assistant
  Mayuresh Kulkarni
 Office Assistant
  Anil Jadhav
 Office Assistant
  Prabhakar Anagare
 Office Assistant
  Sandeep Sankpal
 Office Assistant
  Suvarna Bhardwaj
 Office Assistant
  Tushar Kurulkar  Office Assistant
  Priyadarshini Tamhane  Office Assistant
  Smita Kondhalkar  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  K John Albert  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Shailesh Wadkar  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Ketan Kakade  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Shabana Patel  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Charudatta Gurav  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Sneha Chordiya  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Dhanashree Sheth  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Yogesh Kolap  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Sanjay Kumar Meena  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Shakti Tiwari
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Sayalee Damle
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Anjum Siddique
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Swapnil Bhuktar
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Ashwin Kumar Kamolkar
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Nikhil Kakade
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Chetan Sonawane
 Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Trupti Bhingarkar  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Aniruddha Chatterjee  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
  Deepak Kunjir  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Ruby Soni  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Suraj Hande  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Nilesh Chakankar  Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Aishwarya Vachkal Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Siddhesh Tawde Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Ranjan Kishore Sahu Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Aparna Shimpi Junior Office Assistant (Multi Skill)
 Nitin Kesharwani  Junior Hindi Translator
 Deepa Jain
 Vishal Pakhare  Nurse (Male)
 Swapnil Bule
 Physical Education Instructor
 Roshan Mohite
 Car Driver
  Sanjay Gomale  Attendant
  Vitthal Shejwal


Technical Services
  Name  Designation
  Dr. Shanti Kalipatnapu
 Principal Technical Officer - Research Communication
  Dr. Naresh Sharma  Principal Technical Officer - International Relations
  Dr. Vandana Gambhir  Principal Technical Officer - Grants Management
  Shubhangi Wankhede  Principal Technical Officer - Endowment, Outreach, R&D
  Dr. Suraj Ingle  Principal Technical Officer - Animal House
  Goldi Misra  Chief Technology Officer (IT)
  Neeta Deo  System Administrator
  Parveen Nasa  Senior Technical Officer (Instrumentation)
  Nisha Kurkure  Senior Technical Officer (High Performance Computing)
  Dr. Santosh Podder  Senior Technical Officer (Microscopy Facility)
  Vivek Kannadi  Senior Technical Officer (Science Media Centre)
  Dr. Mahesh Sahare  Senior Technical Officer (Animal House)
  Nilesh Dumbre  Technical Officer
  Mrinalini Virkar  Technical Officer
  Saurabh Butolia  Technical Officer (ICT)
  Mahesh Jadhav  Technical Officer
  Dr. Abhijit Biswas  Technical Officer
  Hariprasad Dande  Technical Officer (Biology)
 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra  Technical Officer (Physics)
  Dineshkumar Turkar  Technical Officer (Science Activity Centre)
  Sureshchandra Prajapat  Scientific Assistant
  Nitin Dalvi  Technical Assistant
  Prashant Kale  Technical Assistant
  S Suresh Kumar  Technical Assistant (IT)
  Sachin Behra  Technical Assistant
  Vijay Vittal  Technical Assistant
  Anil Prathamshetti  Technical Assistant
  Rupali Jadhav  Technical Assistant
  Hemlata Phadke  Technical Assistant
  Dhyeshwar Ekshinge  Technical Assistant
  Ravinder Malothu  Technical Assistant
  Vikrant Bartakke  Technical Assistant
  Gopinath Kate  Technical Assistant
  Saurabh Vaishnav
 Technical Assistant
 Sandeep Kanade  Technical Assistant
  Vibhas Shevde  Technical Assistant
  Sandeep Kumar Bejjanki  Technical Assistant
  Amruta Kodre  Technical Assistant
  Naveen N.  Technical Assistant (IT)
  Shailesh Patil  Technical Assistant (IT)
  Ankish Tirpude  Technical Assistant (Science Activity Centre)
 Sachin Pimpalkar  Technical Assistant (Biology)
 Shekh Saddam Husen Shekh Hamja  Technical Assistant (Biology)
  Anubha Pulwale  Technical Assistant (Biology)
  Karthikeyan S.  Technical Assistant (Physics)
  Shravi Anil Prathamshetti  Laboratory Technician
  Devpalsingh Rajput  Laboratory Technician
  Narendra Khandekar  Laboratory Technician
  T. S. Yathish  Laboratory Technician
  Santosh Relekar  Laboratory Technician (IT)
  Suvarna Raut  Laboratory Technician
  Santosh Khilare  Laboratory Assistant
  Megha Paygude  Laboratory Assistant
  Kalpesh Thakare  Laboratory Assistant
  Piyush Gadekar  Laboratory Assistant
  Sudhir Lone  Laboratory Assistant
  Yashwant Pawar  Laboratory Assistant
  Ganesh Dimbar  Laboratory Assistant
 Bhagyashri Kolapkar  Laboratory Assistant


Engineering Services
  Nilesh Kulkarni  Executive Engineer
  Ganesh Pingalkar
 Assistant Engineer (Civil)
  Debendranath Behera  Assistant Engineer (Electrical)
  Md. Abdul Samad
 Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)
  Manoj Mane  Junior Engineer (Electrical)
  Vijaykumar Shinde
 Junior Engineer (Civil)