Prarambh is a small volunteer-run non profit organization started 6 years ago with a mission to improve the lives of less privileged children by helping them with basic life education. Prarambh hopes to give these children what is currently missing in their schools and home. This includes not only basic education but also individual attention to help them become educated and responsible citizens of their community.  Prarambh was started by a group of young professionals in 2005.

Prarambh, after being run for 6 years from a corporation school in Parihar Chowk, moved to IISER Pune in 2011. Two of the founding members Ashish Srivastava and Kranti Karandikar continue to be actively associated with the program.

This program happens every sunday (starting 10am) in the IISER new campus.  Most of the children attending Prarambh live in bastis around Ambedkar Chowk.  They attend  municipal schools in the area, but are in many cases lacking in english and math skills that Prarambh focuses on.

Prarambh is run entirely by volunteers, guided by a core team of volunteers.

We are always looking for committed individuals who want to be a part of this experience.  If you are interested in being a part of Prarambh please use the sign up sheet below.

To signup for volunteering and list your availability click here.

Teaching material for courses taught at Prarambh

                        ENGLISH TEACHING MATERIAL (Tests and Study Material)

                        MATH TEACHING MATERIAL (Tests and Study Material) 


Prarambh Annual Excursion (Mar 2012) : Lekha Farms

Thanks to support from INFOSYS and IISER children from

Prarambh made a fun and informative trip to Lekha Farms

and the local biscuit factory. 

To see pictures from this trip click here.

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