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Our research focuses on frontier areas in Biological Sciences. We aim for research that seamlessly integrates physics, chemistry, mathematics and computational sciences to answer key biological questions. Research in Biology at IISER currently encompasses both theoretical and experimental approaches to the broad areas of Systems Biology, Ecology and Population Dynamics, Evolutionary-Developmental Biology, Cancer Biology, Neurobiology, Epigenetics and Gene-Environment interactions.


Enquiries about biology at IISER may be addressed to: Prof. Sanjeev Galande (sanjeev  at  iiserpune.ac.in)

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Faculty Members
Name Designation Research
Collins Assisi Assistant Professor Information processing by neuronal networks
Chaitanya Athale Assistant Professor Self-organization and cell morphogenesis
Ramana Athreya Associate Professor Active galaxies, galaxy cluster radio sources, high redshift Universe, imaging techniques; Biodiversity research & conservation
Nagaraj Balasubramanian Assistant Professor Cell Biology: cell adhesion, trafficking, cell migration and growth
Anjan Banerjee Associate Professor Plant developmental biology, Micro RNA (miRNA) and gene regulation, Long distance signalling and plant-pathogen interaction
Deepak Barua Assistant Professor Plant physiology, physiological ecology and evolutionary ecology
Arijit Bhattacharyay Associate Professor Complex and dynamical systems, biophysics, pattern formation
S Sandanaraj Britto Assistant Professor Chemical Biology/Physiology & Optical Molecular Imaging of Whole Organisms
Akanksha Chaturvedi Assistant Professor Immunology: B cell receptor signaling, Integration of innate and adaptive immune receptor signaling
Sutirth Dey Assistant Professor Population dynamics, life-history evolution, simulations, Drosophilia melanogaster
Sanjeev Galande Professor Epigenetics, Chromatin biology, Regulation of gene expression, Nuclear organization and function
Aurnab Ghose Assistant Professor Neurobiology
Pranay Goel Assistant Professor Mathematical biology. Nonlinear dynamical systems, multiscale methods. Theoretical neuroscience, cardiac physiology, diabetes
Jeet Kalia Assistant Professor Chemical Biology: Ion channels, lipids, and bioconjugation
Saikrishnan Kayarat Assistant Professor Structural biology
Mayurika Lahiri Assistant Professor DNA damage and cell cycle, nitric oxide synthase and breast cancer
M. S. Madhusudhan Associate Professor Bioinformatics and Structure
Suhita Nadkarni Assistant Professor Biophysical models of synaptic plasticity in health and disease
Thomas Pucadyil Assistant Professor Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics, Vesicular Transport
Mrinalini Puranik Associate Professor Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy of proteins, Nucleic acids
Sudha Rajamani Assistant Professor Origins of life
V. S. Rao Visiting Faculty Plant biology, plant genetics, breeding
Girish Ratnaparkhi Associate Professor Gene regulation, innate immunity, embryonic development, drosophilia
Richa Rikhy Assistant Professor Cell Biology of development and differentiation: Membrane trafficking and polarity
Kundan Sengupta Assistant Professor Chromosome biology in development and disease
L. S. Shashidhara Professor and Coordinator Evolution of appendage forms, functional genomics, drug discovery
N. K. Subhedar Visiting Faculty Neurobiology, Neuropeptides and behaviour
Milind Watve Professor Microbiology, Eco-biology
Adjunct Faculty
Chittaranjan S. Yajnik Diabetes Unit, K E M Hospital & Research Centre
Neelesh Dahanukar INSPIRE Fellow, DST
Farhat Habib Scientist D, CoE-E Bio-informatics
Krishanpal Karmodiya INSPIRE Fellow, DST Epigenetics and Transcriptional Control in Plasmodium
Gayathri Pananghat INSPIRE Fellow, DST
Raghav Rajan Ramalingaswami Fellow, DBT Neural mechanisms underlying movement initiation in songbirds