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Research Areas and People:
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Condensed Matter, Statistical, and Nonlinear Physics
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Theory: Rejish Nath
Physics of Soft and Living Matter
Quantum Information and Quantum Dynamics
Gravitation and High Energy Physics
Experiment: Umakant D. Rapol (LIGO collaboration)
Particle Physics
*Visiting Faculty
Some Departmental Activities:
Seminars and Journal Clubs
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Faculty Members
Name Designation Research
Bijay Kumar Agarwalla Assistant Professor Charge and energy transport, Fluctuation relations, Quantum thermodynamics, Engineered light-matter quantum systems, Multidimensional spectroscopy
G. Ambika Professor Chaos and nonlinear dynamics, synchronisation, Multifractal analysis
Sudarshan Ananth Associate Professor Theoretical Particle Physics
Ramana Athreya Associate Professor Active galaxies, galaxy cluster radio sources, high redshift Universe, imaging techniques; Biodiversity research & conservation
Nabamita Banerjee Assistant Professor Quantum gravity, string theory, black holes, study of strongly correlated systems from gravity.
Bhas Bapat Associate Professor Atomic collisions, molecular fragmentation, photochemistry of of heterogeneous phases, Auger electron spectroscopy.
Arijit Bhattacharyay Associate Professor Complex and dynamical systems, biophysics, pattern formation
Apratim Chatterji Associate Professor Statistical physics, soft condensed matter, phase transitions, microfluidics
Vijayakumar Chikkadi Assistant Professor Soft condensed matter, Glasses, Active matter, Colloids
Shouvik Datta Associate Professor Semiconductor physics, optical spectroscopy, electronic defects, nanostuctures, optoelectronics
Aparna Deshpande Assistant Professor Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM), spectroscopy, and single atom and molecule manipulation with STM
Sourabh Dube Associate Professor Experimental High Energy Physics
Pavan Kumar G V Associate Professor Nanophotonics, Soft-matter physics and Light Scattering
Diptimoy Ghosh Assistant Professor Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology
Prasenjit Ghosh Associate Professor Atomistic modeling of Materials
Sreejith GJ Assistant Professor Theoretical condensed matter physics - strongly correlated systems, quantum Hall effects, frustrated systems
Sachin Jain Assistant Professor String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Gravity, Fluid Dynamics, Conformal Bootstarp, Gauge/Gravity Duality.
Mukul Kabir Associate Professor Electronic structure theory, 2D Materials, Functional defects, Magnetism, Superconductivity, and Catalyst design
T. S. Mahesh Associate Professor NMR spectroscopy, quantum information, optimal control and artificial intelligence
Sunil Mukhi Professor String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics
Sunil Nair Associate Professor Strongly correlated electron systems
Rejish Nath Assistant Professor Quantum Optics, Atom Optics, Condensed Matter Physics
Satishchandra Ogale Emeritus Professor and Raja Ramanna Fellow Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Graphene and Functional Carbon, Oxide Electronics and Spintronics, Pattern Formation
Shivprasad Patil Associate Professor Nanotechnology, atomic force microscopy and single molecular interactions
Atikur Rahman Assistant Professor Quantum transport in nanoelectronic devices, applications of quasi-1D and 2D materials and their heterostructures for energy harvesting and sensing, self-assembly based nanopatterning, nanofabrication.
Umakant D. Rapol Associate Professor Atomic physics and precision spectroscopy, quantum optics and quantum information processing, biosensors
M. S. Santhanam Associate Professor and Officiating Chair, Physics Nonlinear dynamics, chaos and quantum chaos, statistical physics, complexity
Seema Sharma Associate Professor Experimental High Energy Physics
Surjeet Singh Associate Professor Magnetism and superconductivity, single-crystal growth
Prasad Subramanian Associate Professor Plasma astrophysics, solar physics and black hole accretion
Arun M. Thalapillil Assistant Professor Theoretical High Energy Physics
Suneeta Vardarajan Associate Professor Gravitation, mathematical physics
Visiting Faculty
Ashna Bajpai Visiting Faculty Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Nanomagnets & Spintronics, Carbon nanotubes, 2D-Material
Rajeev Bhalerao Raja Ramanna Fellow High-Energy Nuclear Physics, Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions, Quark-Gluon Plasma
Deepak Dhar Distinguished Visiting Faculty Critical phenomena on fractals, branched polymers, disordered magnets, self-organized criticality, proportionate growth in biology, protein-folding, models of super-cooled liquids and glasses.
Adjunct Faculty
Sunanda Banerjee SINP, Kolkata
S. Ramakrishnan TIFR, Mumbai
Independent Scientist
Smita Chaturvedi WOS-A DST Scientist Multiferroic and multifunctional materials at nanoscale.Tailoring magnetic, dielectric and optical properties of nanocomposites and nanoparticles of bismuth ferrite and rare earth orthoferrites
Antina Ghosh WOS-A DST Scientist Soft condensed matter, glasses, jamming, phase transition, deformation of amorphous solids, Active colloidal system.