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We have research groups in the following areas of Mathematics:

  1. Number Theory, Finite Group Theory, Linear Algebraic Groups, Lie Algebras, Representation Theory, K-Theory, Algebraic Geometry
  2. Knot Theory, Low Dimensional Topology, Real Algebraic Geometry
  3. Cryptography, Combinatorics, Algorithms, Statistical Designs, Software Testing
  4. Mathematical Physics, Relativity, Ricci flow, String theory, Mathematical Biology, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Multiscale Methods, Theoretical Neuroscience, Cardiac Physiology and Diabetes.

We intend to add the following disciplines : Complex / Functional / Harmonic Analysis, Operator Theory, Probability and Statistics, Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Game Theory, Computer Science subjects etc.


Seminars: We have regular seminars in Mathematics. Seminars range from elementary exposition on a topic (intended to undergraduate students) to research level topics. Please see  http://www.iiserpune.ac.in/links/seminars for regular updates about seminars.

Workshops / Symopsia / Conferences:

We had organised a symposium with an aim to give participants an overall knowledge of the research in Math-Finance being carried out in the department.

1. Half-day in-house symposium on Math-Finance (March 2015)

We organise a workshop for students every year. The workshop is intended to expose undergraduate students to various areas of Mathematics.

1.  Summer Workshop in Mathematics 2010

2.  Summer workshop in Mathematics 2009

We have organised workshops in our research areas.

1. Algebra Symposium
2. Workshop on Quantitative Analysis and Modelling in animal Sciences (QAMAS) and National Symposium on Theoretical and Mathematical Biology, October 2009, Yashada, Pune.
3. Classification of Algebraic groups


Enquiries about mathematics at IISER may be addressed to:  Prof. A. Raghuram ( raghuram  at iiserpune.ac.in )

Faculty Positions
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Faculty Members
Name Designation Research
Baskar Balasubramanyam Assistant Professor Number Theory
Debargha Banerjee Assistant Professor Automorphic forms, Galois representations, Langlands program, Arithmetic geometry
Rabeya Basu Assistant Professor Algebra
Chandrasheel Bhagwat Assistant Professor Representation theory, Analysis & Geometry of locally symmetric spaces, Number Theory
Mousomi Bhakta Assistant Professor Elliptic PDE, nonlinear analysis, variational methods
Anup Biswas Assistant Professor Controlled diffusion, queuing theory, large deviation theory
Diganta Borah Assistant Professor Several Complex Variables
Anisa Chorwadwala Assistant Professor Shape Optimization Problems
Pranay Goel Assistant Professor Mathematical biology. Nonlinear dynamical systems, multiscale methods. Theoretical neuroscience, cardiac physiology, diabetes
Anindya Goswami Assistant Professor Stochastic Control, Mathematical Finance
Amit Hogadi Associate Professor Algebraic geometry
Krishna Kaipa Assistant Professor Algebraic Geometric Coding theory
Tejas Kalelkar Assistant Professor
Ayan Mahalanobis Assistant Professor Public key cryptography, finite group theory
Soumen Maity Associate Professor Combinatorics,cryptography, algorithms, statistical designs, software testing
Vivek Mohan Mallick Assistant Professor Algebraic Geometry
Rama Mishra Associate Professor Knot theory, low dimensional topology, real algebraic geometry
Supriya Pisolkar Assistant Professor Number Theory
A. Raghuram Professor and Coordinator Langlands Program, Representations of p-adic and adelic groups and their associated L-functions
Anupam Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Linear algebraic groups, Lie algebra, central simple algebras and quadratic forms
Kaneenika Sinha Assistant Professor Analytic number theory, Arithmetic of modular forms
Steven Spallone Associate Professor Representation Theory
Suneeta Vardarajan Associate Professor Mathematical physics,Relativity, Ricci flow, String theory
Adjunct Faculty
S A Katre University of Pune
Sujatha Ramadorai TIFR, Mumbai
Ronnie Sebastian INSPIRE Fellow, DST Algebraic Geometry