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A Brief History of Fourier Series
A Brief History of Mahalanobis Distance : from Mahalanobis to Rao
A Critique of Niche Construction Theory
A Hermeneutical Reinterpretation of Land: A case study from Indian Sundarbans
A Journey from Organic Chemistry to Interdisciplinary Science: Focus on Biomedical Applications
A Membrane Paradigm : The Next to Leading Order Story and instablity
A New Joint Research Centre Nucleates Between Australia and India
A New Low-Cost Ventilator Prototype Developed at IISER Pune
A New Superconducting Mechanism in the Market
A Robust Anomaly Finder for the LHC
A Solution to the Cosmological Constant Problem
A Tale of two congruences
A Tongue Untied
A biophysical approach to understand genotype-phenotype relationship in bacterial cells
A card trick: Protocol, Graph model and extensions
A combinatorial Fourier transform for quiver representation varieties in type A
A competition mechanism positions non-membrane-bound organelles in cells
A computational tool to track single molecules through DIC microscopy
A control-theory problem viewed through the lens of reductive group action on Stein domains
A discrete choice modelling of climate change adaptation: Impact on tea economy in India
A dual version of Ore's theorem for boolean intervals
A full conjecture of José Lara Rodríguez for double zeta values in characteristic p
A global galactic dynamo with a corona constrained by relative helicity
A global seismic perspective of the lithosphere asthenosphere system: from continents to oceans
A hierarchical lattice model for the H-bond network in Water
A learning scheme for neural networks in the brain to predict and control body movement
A mechanistic model of the cellular resource allocation strategy in bacteria
A microscopic understanding of the flow of glasses using colloids
A neural compass that combines flexibility and stability
A new metal organic framework to soak up carbon dioxide
A non-perturbative paradigm and the Quark-Gluon Plasma
A programmable superconducting quantum processor with three pairwise coupled qubits
A re-look at Ito's Stochastic differential equations
A role of cellular translation regulation associated with toxic Huntingtin protein
A rose is a rose is a rose; not so for calcium!
A silent looping journey has boundaries
A spin on gravitational radiation from the classical double copy
A tale of lipid tails: How the fatty acid chain length of lyso-PS regulates immune responses
A theoretical (bio)physicist looks at cancer metastasis
A time and pace for cytokinesis
A unified model for the evolution of cooperative nesting and altruism in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata
A uniqueness result for general Dirichlet series
A view à la Harish-Chandra on enhanced local Langlands parameters
ARPES, a vital tool for understanding microscopically the physics of exotic systems
Ab-initio Calculations of the Thermoelectric Properties of MXenes
Abhinav Parivesh wins Elsevier Best Poster Award at conference in Australia
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Acetylcholine receptor in action: sniff, bind, gate and open
Actin in axons: contributions to dynamics and mechanics
Actions of algebraic torus
Adaptive Instruction of Innate Immunity: A new look at Inflammation
Adaptive Plasticity in Microbial Physiology
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Advances in the data-based modelling and analysis of hydrological systems
Advertisement for JRF and RA
Affluence of microbiome may be a luxury: Comes in plenty while a few may be required
Agarwalla, Bijay Kumar
Agreement signed for Smt Indrani Balan Science Activity Centre
Ahmed, Sara
Airflow sensing in flying insects
Algebraic Models of Large Scale Genome Rearrangement Events
Algorithms and neural circuits in odor-guided behavior
All-loop results from the Amplituhedron
Allowed region and uncertainty relations for angular momentum observable
Alumni Association
Amine Boranes: Hydrogen Storage to Catalysis
An autoregulatory RelB:p50 NFκB pathway exacerbates environmental drug resistance in multiple myeloma
An exotic journey: Search for the Higgs boson and beyond at the LHC
An introduction to the representation theory of p-adic groups
An introduction to the structure theory of p-adic groups-Part I
An introduction to the structure theory of p-adic groups-Part II
An invitation to C*-algebras and groupoids
An overview of Artificial Intelligence
An unconventional way to target cancer
Analysing causal effect of London cycle superhighways on traffic congestion
Anand, V. G.
Ananth, Sudarshan
Anderson localization and Levy sums in random lasers
Animal House Facility
Anisotropic metamaterials provide for novel applications
Anomalies, Index theorem, and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
Antarctica in a changing world
Antarctica, then and now
Anti-ragging Guidelines
Anti-ragging Initiative
Application of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy towards the Design of Active Catalysts for Tomorrow�s Energy Claim
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Applications of IVIS in animal imaging
Applications of M-theory Uplifted Desingularized Conifold Geometries Relevant to Holographic Thermal QCD at Finite Coupling Abstract :
Applications open for PMRF 2019
Applying new design rules to create synthetic heterochromatin-targeted regulators of RNA polymerase II
Apte, Amit
Arabidopsis thaliana FKBP53 is a histone chaperone with functional nucleoplasmin and PPIase domains
Architecture as Evidence of Cultural Continuities : The Sultanate of Ahmadnagar
Argumentative biologies: sources and consequences of immunological diversity
Arguments against mantle delamination in Tibet
Arithmetic jet spaces of abelian schemes
Army Research Office (ARO) Overview and Physics Division Objectives in Asia-Pacific
Arora, Ashish
Artificial atoms interacting with photons and phonons
Artin’s conjecture for abelian varieties
Arya Thampi wins Dr. Mamohan Singh Scholarship of Cambridge University
Asian Elephant Genome and Analysis
Asian Scientist Writing Merit Award to Harshini Tekur
Assessing India’s Drip Irrigation Boom: Efficiency, Climate Change & Groundwater Policy
Assisi, Collins
Astroparticle Physics with the GRAPES-3 experiment, an exciting new scientific frontier
Asymptotic estimates on the geometry of Laplace eigenfunctions
At the tri-junction of fragility and vulnerability The Andaman and Nicobar story
Atal Incubation Centre inaugurated at IISER Pune
Athale, Chaitanya
Athreya, Ramana
Atmospheric chemistry research at the climate and air quality interface: Agricultural waste burning in the north west Indo-Gangetic Plain
Atomic Astrophysics : From Astronomy to Cancer Research
Atomic Layer Deposition of Nanostructure Materials and Their Emerging Applications
Atomic Radiation From Astronomy to Cancer Research
Attacking the problem of strong correlations with the density matrix renormalization group
Attention: New Students
Attributing a deep network’s prediction to its input features
Average search time bounds in cue based searches
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Aysmmetric Reactions of Norbornadiene Derivatives
Ayurveda and Modern Science