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A Brief History of Fourier Series
A Critique of Niche Construction Theory
A Journey from Organic Chemistry to Interdisciplinary Science: Focus on Biomedical Applications
A Membrane Paradigm : The Next to Leading Order Story and instablity
A New Joint Research Centre Nucleates Between Australia and India
A card trick: Protocol, Graph model and extensions
A combinatorial Fourier transform for quiver representation varieties in type A
A competition mechanism positions non-membrane-bound organelles in cells
A dual version of Ore's theorem for boolean intervals
A global galactic dynamo with a corona constrained by relative helicity
A microscopic understanding of the flow of glasses using colloids
A new metal organic framework to soak up carbon dioxide
A re-look at Ito's Stochastic differential equations
A silent looping journey has boundaries
A unified model for the evolution of cooperative nesting and altruism in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata
A view à la Harish-Chandra on enhanced local Langlands parameters
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Abhinav Parivesh wins Elsevier Best Poster Award at conference in Australia
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Airflow sensing in flying insects
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Amine Boranes: Hydrogen Storage to Catalysis
An autoregulatory RelB:p50 NFκB pathway exacerbates environmental drug resistance in multiple myeloma
An exotic journey: Search for the Higgs boson and beyond at the LHC
An introduction to the structure theory of p-adic groups-Part I
An introduction to the structure theory of p-adic groups-Part II
An invitation to C*-algebras and groupoids
An overview of Artificial Intelligence
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Anderson localization and Levy sums in random lasers
Anisotropic metamaterials provide for novel applications
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Applying new design rules to create synthetic heterochromatin-targeted regulators of RNA polymerase II
Argumentative biologies: sources and consequences of immunological diversity
Artificial atoms interacting with photons and phonons
Arya Thampi wins Dr. Mamohan Singh Scholarship of Cambridge University
Asian Elephant Genome and Analysis
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Astroparticle Physics with the GRAPES-3 experiment, an exciting new scientific frontier
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Atomic Layer Deposition of Nanostructure Materials and Their Emerging Applications
Atomic Radiation From Astronomy to Cancer Research
Attacking the problem of strong correlations with the density matrix renormalization group
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Aysmmetric Reactions of Norbornadiene Derivatives
Ayurveda and Modern Science