Volunteering for COVID


The pandemic has affected everything and everybody to different degrees. And academics and research is no exception. It is all the more amazing that in this crisis moment, many of the lab members – Kunalika and Neha- have been volunteering to work at the COVID-Testing Centre. This centre was established under the guidance of Dr. Anjan Banerjee and multiple faculty, to address the need for scaling up virus testing in the city of Pune. If we are to have a fighting chance to open up safely, we need to know who is infected and isolate and treat them, till they get better.

This raises an important question about applied and basic research. In our ordinary lives we are at the forefront of (sometimes) obscure problems, driven by our curiosity and perhaps the interest of a few others in the world. Molecular diagnostics are almost the opposite. The methods are set by the national testing agency. It is important to follow protocol and not deviate and to work in large teams not thinking independently.

So the question is are free thinking fundamental researchers capable of harnessing the training in biology to contribute to the need for skilled work. The answer from the IISER Pune experience is a resounding yes. And its a moment of joy for me to see how many students not just those from my lab showing that they are willing to enter these rooms where the virus is being brought and dealing with it scientifically. Just for this, I think our institute’s ethos and sense of team-work, and responsibility to those around us is reaffirmed.

With more such brave and trained souls, the day is not far when we will surmount this pandemic.

Newly minted PhD: Anushree


With excellent work on automated kymography, and more recent work on label-free tracking in DIC microscopy, Anushree Chaphalkar defended her thesis today and richly earned a commendation from the examiners. Congratulations Dr. Chaphalkar!

AmtraK GUI

Anushree’s work was also covered in the local press in 2016. Look forward to more good news.

EMBO Workshop on Size and Shape


Chaitanya Athale just returned from an exciting meeting at NCBS Bangalore (ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು) on physical principles of development and morphogenesis. Meeting old friends and making new ones. The most striking images were from Olivier Hamant, ENS Lyon France & Sainsbury Labs UK on the morphogenesis of plants. Neha Khetan and Chaitanya’s poster was put up. Old discussions about bacterial form were re-ignited.

Best Poster Award to Kunalika Jain at the Gordon Conference


Kunalika Jain from the lab has received a 3D printed Microtubule as a best-poster award at the 2017 Gordon Conference on Motile and Contractile Systems