Chaitanya Athale

Principal Investigator Chaitanya Athale
Currently working on modelling microtubule-motor interactions and integrating them with gradients of regulators. Attempting to find rules of SelfOrganization in cellular patterns. Currently most interested in the transport of microtubule (MT) filaments and asters by motors and their interplay with cell shape. Wandering towards a picture of integrating actin with MTs with some (lingering) interest in cellular automata and reaction-diffusion systems.

Anushree Chaphalkar

PhD student 2012, IISER Pune

Our image analysis expert. Anushree’s current work involves automating kymography (manuscript in preparation) and modelling bacterial growth and division dynamics.

Anushree Chaphalkar

Kunalika Jain

PhD student 2013, IISER Pune

Motors moveth the world- atleast in the microtubule-world. Kunalika has crushed many goat brains to get high-quality tubulin and has been assembling microtubule motility chambers for gliding assays.

Neha Khetan

Neha Khetan
Int-PhD, IISER Pune

“Stop and go” movements fascinate her at the moment- as does pattern formation and Dictyostelium.

A walk in the hills

Yash Jawale

Former member the 2015-iGEM IISER Pune team (The Visualizer Module). He is learning to work with molecular motors, after doing some fun work on the Foldscope.
5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune

Abhishek Das

With an interest in physics and biology, Abhishek is working on modeling cell morphogenesis using a Cellular Potts approach. When he is not in the lab, he can be found cycling on campus.
5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune

Tanmaya Sethi

5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune- currently working in France on a collaborative project with Dr. M. Delattre.

Period Name Capacity Nature of work
Jan 2012 to May 2018 Manasi Gangan PhD student “Cell Growth in Escherichia coli: Study of Fluctuations and Asymmetry in Cell Extension”.
May 2015 to Apr 2017 Snehal Kadam BS-MS trainee Worked as part of the 2015-iGEM team “Mycobacterium revelio”. Continued to work for 3 semesters to refine and charachterize the constructs.
Aug 2016 to Dec 2016 Kaveri Vaidya integrated PhD rotation student Tubulin biochemistry
Feb 2013 to Jan 2016 Prangya Mishra Proj. Assistant Image analysis of cell shape and dynamics
Feb 2013 to Jan 2016 Kiran Nilangekar Proj. Assistant Cell culture of PC12 cells, microinjection and microscopy
Aug-Dec 2016 Aniket Ravan Intern Simulations of cell shape using a cellular potts model
Jun-Sep 2015 Ruediger Busche Summer trainee- DAAD RISE Fitting bacterial growth kinetics and their inhibition
Jun-Sep 2015 Lea Ana Kutsch Semester intern: IISER-Univ. Goettingen exchange Microtubule polymerization dynamics in vitro and in theory
Jun-Sep 2015 Lea Ana Kutsch Semester intern: IISER-Univ. Goettingen exchange Microtubule polymerization dynamics in vitro and in theory
May 2014 to Apr 2015 P. Priyatham 5th year project BS-MS Cell size distribution in S. aureus characterized by image analysis of fixed populations
May 2013 to Nov 2013 Karishma Bhagat Summer trainee and semester project trainee
May 2013 to Nov 2013 Sonal Lagad Summer trainee and semester project trainee Quantifying bacterial colony patterns
Aug to Sep 2013 Christian Niederauer Summer trainee- DAAD RISE Modeling and building microfluidic devices for bacterial chemotaxis
2013 Ajey Tiwari Intern Order parameters for collective behaviour spatial simulations
2013 Swati Sharma integrated PhD rotation student Microtubules in Aspergillus sp.
2013 Dhriti Nagar integrated PhD rotation student Microfluidics for bacterial growth
2013-14 Shagun Maheshwari Intern Flow chamber for mechanics of Hydra detachment
2012-13 Saurabh Mahajan Intern Simulating microtubule-motor mechanics in neuronal growth cones
2011-12 Shraddha Shitut Intern Bacterial growth and morphology through image analysis
2011 Vinay Nair MSc project student Modeling the mechanics of nuclear deformation in cells
2009-11 Hemangi Chaudhari Intern and MSc Project student Quantification of growth phase and strains in bacterial morphology through image analysis
2009-10 Sneha Jadhav Intern Mathematical modeling of two-state systems
2009 Ankita Jha Intern Aspergillus microtubule microscopy
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