Chaitanya Athale

Principal Investigator Chaitanya Athale
Currently working on modelling microtubule-motor interactions and integrating them with gradients of regulators. Attempting to find rules of SelfOrganization in cellular patterns. Currently most interested in the transport of microtubule (MT) filaments and asters by motors and their interplay with cell shape. Wandering towards a picture of integrating actin with MTs with some (lingering) interest in cellular automata and reaction-diffusion systems.

Manasi Gangan

PhD student 2012, IISER Pune

Currently the master of bacterial growth and division dynamics with a manuscript in revision. Has recently taken to tinkering with microfluidics.

Manasi Ganngan

At the bench

Anushree Chaphalkar

PhD student 2012, IISER Pune

Our image analysis expert. Anushree’s current work involves automating kymography (manuscript in preparation) and modelling bacterial growth and division dynamics.

Anushree Chaphalkar

Kunalika Jain

PhD student 2013, IISER Pune

Motors moveth the world- atleast in the microtubule-world. Kunalika has crushed many goat brains to get high-quality tubulin and has been assembling microtubule motility chambers for gliding assays.

Neha Khetan

Neha Khetan
Int-PhD, IISER Pune

“Stop and go” movements fascinate her at the moment- as does pattern formation and Dictyostelium.

Yash Jawale

Former member the 2015-iGEM IISER Pune team (The Visualizer Module). He is learning to work with molecular motors, after doing some fun work on the Foldscope.
5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune

Abhishek Das

With an interest in physics and biology, Abhishek is working on modeling cell morphogenesis using a Cellular Potts approach. When he is not in the lab, he can be found cycling on campus.
5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune

Tanmaya Sethi

5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune- currently working in France on a collaborative project with Dr. M. Delattre.

The lab circa 2014

Picture of the SOCM lab in the hills

A walk in the hills

The lab circa 2013

Trek to visapur

The lab circa 2012

front: LtoR: Ajay, Chaitanya, Manasi, Sayali, Sneha; rear: LtoR: Saurabh, Shraddha, Shubhankar, Vinay

Former members

Snehal Kadam

Formerly the student-coordinator of the 2015-iGEM team from IISER Pune. Between organizing festivals and juggling class schedules, she is investigating the quantitative nature of biological switches.
5th year BS-MS Project student, IISER Pune

Kaveri Vaidya

iPhD rotation student, IISER Pune

Prangya Mishra

Proj. Assistant 2013-2016,

Kiran Nilangekar

Proj. Assistant 2013-2016, IISER Pune

Aniket Ravan

M.Sc. Physics, IIT Roorkee

Ruediger Busche

DAAD Rise Summer Fellow
B.Sc. Biology, Univ. Braunschweig, Germany

Anna-Lea Kutsch

Goettingen Semester Project Student
Final Semester, B.Sc. Physics, Univ. Goettingen, Germany

P. Priyatham

2014-15 Masters-Thesis student, BS-MS, IISER Pune

Karishma Bhagat

Semester trainee. Current location: BS/MS 3rd year, IISER Pune

Christian Niederauer

DAAD RISE summer trainee (2013 Aug-Sep) Currently: MS Physics, LMU, Munich, Germany

Ajey Tiwari

Semester Trainee, Currently: BS/MS 4th year, IISER Pune

Sonal Lagad

2014/06 Summer trainee, Currently: BS/MS 2nd year, IISER Pune

Swati Sharma

Rotation student, Currently: PhD student with Dr. Richa Rikhy, IISER Pune

Dhriti Nagar

Rotation student. Currently: PhD student with Aurnab Ghose, IISER Pune.

Shagun Maheshwari

B.E. Mech.Eng. Summer and Winter trainee 2013-2014, Currently: M.S., Bioengineering at Duke University, USA.

Saurabh Mahajan

Trainee, Currently: PhD student at NCBS, Bangalore, India.

Shraddha Shitut

Trainee, Currently: PhD student, International Max Planck Research School, Jena starting Nov 2012.

Hemangi Chaudhari

Trainee, Currently: PhD student at Washington Univ. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Vinay Nair

Trainee, Currently: PhD student C-DAC Pune, India

Sneha Jadhav

Trainee, Currently: PhD student, State University of Michigan, East Lansing, USA.

Ankita Jha

BS/MS Semester trainee, Currently: PhD student, Thomas Lecuit, Univ. Marseille, France.

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