Our laboratory works on the development of small organic molecules for controlled generation and release of short-lived biological species such as reactive nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur species. Read more


Sep 5, 2017: Ajay's paper on Visible-Light-Triggered hydrogen sulfide donors has been accepted in Organic Letters: Visible-Light-Triggered Uncaging of Carbonyl Sulfide for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Release

July 24, 2017: Uncovering Secrets of Superbugs

July 4, 2017: How do bacteria become resistant to lethal antibiotics?

May 20, 2017: Our work on antibiotic resistance is covered in Sakal Times (Marathi)

May 6, 2017: Our work is covered by The Hindu: Reversing drug resistance made possible

May 4, 2017: Ravi's paper on esterase activated nitric oxide donors with a fluorescence reporter has been accepted in ChemBioChem: FLUORO/NO, a Nitric Oxide Donor with a Fluorescence Reporter

April 20, 2017: Vinayak's paper on Nitroreductase activated hydrogen sulfide donors has been accepted in Chemical Science: "On Demand" Redox Buffering by H2S Contributes to Antibiotic Resistance Revealed by a Bacteria-Specific H2S Donor

Dec 20, 2016: Preeti's paper on esterase activated hydrogen sulfide donors has been accepted in Organic Letters: Esterase Activated Carbonyl Sulfide/Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Donors

Oct 14, 2016: Vinayak successfully defended his doctoral thesis. Congratulations!

Mar 23, 2016: Kavita successfully defended her doctoral thesis. Congratulations!

Mar 2, 2016: Vinayak's paper on controlled generation of peroxynitrite has been accepted in Organic Letters: A Small Molecule for Controlled Generation of Peroxynitrite


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