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We are a group of people actively involved in probing the complex phenomena at the electrode/electrolyte interface by a range of electrochemical, microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. Since electrochemistry is our passion, we tend to think beyond the interface with an obsession in integrating the fundamental understanding we gain at the molecular level to design cost effective, economical and environmentally friendly energy storage and conversion devices. Further in a different perspective we are evangelistic in exploring new horizons in electrochemistry for developing novel interfaces for applications ranging from selective sensors to electro-organic synthesis.

Research Interests

Interfacial Electrochemistry

Energy storage and conversion

Water splitting

Photoelectrochemical production of fuels

Electro-organic synthesis

Electro-chemo sensors

Latest Research


Lab No: 302
2nd Floor
Department of Chemistry
IISER, Pune- 411 008
Maharashtra, India