Associate Professor in Chemistry


Welcome to Dr. Partha Hazra Group

Dr. Partha Hazra

Associate Professor

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Pune Department of Chemistry,

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,

Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411008, India

Phone: 020-2590 8077, Fax: 020-2590 8186

E-mail: p.hazra@iiserpune.ac.in


Present Research Interests:

Photophysics and Biophysics


Exploring lyotropic liquid crystalline materials using fluorescence spectroscopic techniques.


Designing of novel Mechanochromic fluorescent luminogens.


Stabilization of non-canonical forms of DNA, i.e., G-quadruplex, i-motiff .


Designing of novel fluorophore for probing amyloid fibril.


Photophysics of biologically important molecules inside the molecular container, micelles, reverse micelles, ionic liquids, and biologically relevant systems.


Probing ultrafast fluorescence dynamics of metal clusters.

Teaching, Research Experience & Education:

Associate Professor in IISER, Pune from August, 2014 onward.


Assistant Professor in IISER, Pune from February, 2009-July, 2014.


Post-doctoral fellow (availed JSPS fellowship) in Kyoto University, Japan from 2004-2007 in Prof. Masahide Terazima Group.


2004, Ph. D. in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur (Advisor: Prof. Nilmoni Sarkar)


1998, M. Sc. in Physical Chemistry, Burdwan University, India


1996, B. Sc. in Chemistry, Burdwan University, India