IDC 204, Earth System Science, Spring 2013

  • This is a 2 credit course that is offered to students of the 4th semester at IISER Pune.

    It is being taught by a team from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune

    Here is some material for the course: (please check back frequently, this webpage will be updated through the semester)

    1) Lecture notes from Dr Vinu Valsala: class1, class2, class3
    Course material from Dr Vinu Valsala

    Lecture notes from Dr Supriyo Chakrabarti,

    Course material from Dr Supriyo Chakrabarti,

    More course material from Dr Supriyo Chakrabarti,

    Course material from Prof Goswami,

    Material from Wallace and Hobbs,

    7) Lecture notes from Dr Pandithurai:
    1, 2, 3, 4

    8) Material from Dr Surya
    1, 2

    9) Answer keys for midterm exam
    1, 2 (Correct answers are in green)