World of Physics, Spring 2012: Astro resources

  • This is a list of resources for the lectures on Astrophysics being given by Dr Prasad Subramanian to 2nd semester students as part of the World of Physics II course, Spring 2012 at IISER Pune

    Astrophysical Concepts by Martin Harwit (Springer) is a good textbook, and is available in electronic form from the IISER Pune library website. It is really an introductory graduate level text, but the introductory chapters (especially chapter 1) might be useful for you.

    The wikipedia page and the resource at Univ of Utah for stellar evolution.

    The web resource at
    Univ of Utah and CSIRO Australia for the H R diagram

    The concept of blackbody radiation is somewhat involved, and best learnt from a book (e.g., Harwit) but we will use the
    wikipedia page to display the figures in class.

    Dr Nimisha Kantharia's
    informal collection of slides on galaxies.

    The web resource at
    Univ of Oregon for galaxy formation.

    Also the
    wikipedia pages for galaxy formation and evolution.

    Views of our galaxy
    at 10 different wavelengths!

    Steven Mutz's Ast 112 notes contain a nice description of Astronomical Telescopes.

    NASA's "Imagine" website for the transparency of the Earth's atmosphere

    Quiz with answers