Pranay Goel

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Current graduate students:
  1. Arjun K M, IISER Pune
  2. Sandra Aravind, IISER Pune
Current Masters (5th Year thesis) students:
  1. Durga Parkhi, IISER Pune
Former graduate students:
  1. Rashmi Kulkarni (currenly Research Associate with Cristina Pina, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge)
Former Postdoc:
  1. Amlan Barua (moved on to COMOSOL; currently Assistant Professor, Mathematics, at IIT Dharwad)
Former Masters students:
  1. Ashley Sreejan, IISER Pune
  2. Varun Karmshetty, IISER Pune (moved on to INSEAD, France)
  3. Ankita Sharma, IISER Pune
  4. Ankit Diwedi, IISER Pune (moved on to IISC, Bangalore)
  5. Anand Pathak, IISER Pune (moved on to IMSc, Chennai)