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Research Highlights:

Observation Of Bose Einstein Condensation of 87Rb (April 2014)

Principle Investigator:

Dr. Umakant D. Rapol
Assistant Professor

Research Interests:
  • Quantum information processing with ultracold trapped atoms & ions
  • Physics with cold Quantum Gases
  • Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

Ph.D. PhysicsIndian institute of science, Bangalore - INDIA1996-2003
M Sc, PhysicsUniversity of Pune, Pune - INDIA1994-1996
Research experience
  • General Electric, Global Research center
    Bangalore, INDIA Oct 2005 -August 2009

    Position: Lead Scientist in micro and nanostructures technology

  • University of Innsbruck
    Innsbruck, AUSTRIA Oct 2004- Sept 2005

    Position: Postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Rainer Blatt,
    Department of Physics, Institute for experimental physics

  • Ecole Normale Superieure
    Paris, FRANCE, May 2003-August 2004

    Position: Postdoctoral researcher with Mme Michele Leduc
    and Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

  • Indian Institute of science
    Bangalore, INDIA, Aug 1996-Apr 2003

    Position:PhD student with Prof. Vasant Natarajan, Department of physics.


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Conference Participation:

  1. Bose-Einstein Condensation: from Atoms to Molecules, University of Durham (UK), 31 March - 03 April 2004, Poster presentation on Photo-association experiments with Metastable Helium atoms
  2. Presentation at CLEO-Europe-EQEC, 12-17 june 2005 ICM, MUNICH on Quantum teleportation

Patents and Inventions:

  1. Arc detector, US patent application No: 20080288189 , Year 2008
  2. Composite membrane for separation of Carbon-dioxide, US patent application No: 20080173179, Year 2008
  3. High sensitive, low cost protein detection using a gated phase-sensitive technique, US 12/331713, Year 2009
  4. Use of a probe laser for realtime, InSitu weld monitoring, Year 2009

Current Students:

Sunil Kumar
PhD. Student
Sumit Sarkar
Int. PhD. Student
Gunjan Verma
PhD. Student
Chetan Kumar Vishwakarma
Int. PhD. Student
Jay Mangaonkar
Int. PhD. Student
M. Sainath
B.S. M.S. Student

Past Students:

Md. Noaman
B.S. M.S. Student
Sindhu Jammi
B.S. M.S. Student

About Lab

Research Interests

Quantum information processing with ultracold, trapped atoms and ions.

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the interest on developing and understanding the fundamental governing principles of quantum phenomena at the single atom level. There has been an increase in efforts around the globe for having systems where a complete control and understanding of quantum phenomena has increased. The complete control of quantum states has provided the ability of using isolated atomic systems for quantum information processing and precision spectroscopy for validating fundamental physicall theories. Our Initial research efforts will be focused towards building a quantum computer that utilizes individual atoms or charged particles (ions) in electromagnetic traps as quantum bits or Qubits. Usually, very long lived internal quantum states of these particles are used for storing and manipulating quantum information. The trapping potential along with some coupling interaction (a coulomb interaction in case of ions), is used to transfer quantum information from one Qubit to the other.

Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

Fundamental studies of optically induced plasmon resonances in metallic nanostructures combined with the study of interaction of collective electronic oscillations with single atomic particles. Studies would also be done towards understanding novel atom-atom entanglement schemes mediated by Plasmon resonances in thin-films and nanostructures. The extension of this work to applied science would be in developing techniques for their usefulness in high performance chemical and biological agents' sensing. Special emphasis will be on developing novel techniques in probing and imaging of individual cell surfaces for localizing and tracking active areas on the cell surfaces.

Ongoing Research:

Rydberg Dressing of atoms in a Bose-Einstein Condensate

Current experimental efforts are concentrated on creating long range dipole interactions between atoms in a sample of a BEC. We will be using dressing the electronic ground state of the atoms with the highly excited Rydberg states. Since, Rydberg atoms exhibit very long range dipole-dipole interactions, this long range of the interaction will be used to create novel states of condensed matter systems, for e.g. looking for Super-Solid phase. In this direction, we have constructed an experimental setup to produce BEC in a Quadrupole-Ioffe (QUIC) magnetic trap. Atoms in the QUIC trap are loaded from a standard Magneto-Optic trap that is fed from a slowed atomic beam ermerging from a Zeeman slower. Atoms are further cooled down to Quantum Degneracy using forced RF evaporative cooling. This work will be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Ashok Mohapatra and Dr. Rejish Nath .

Laser cooling of Sr atoms for experiments towards single atom trapping in plasmonic nanostructures

Parallel efforts are under progress to make a sample of cold Sr atoms. These atoms will be cooled down to single-photon recoil-limited temperatures by cooling via the narrow intercombination line. A frequency doubler has been designed and is bieng constructed for producing laser light at 461 nm wavelength that will be used to slow and cool Sr atoms in a Magneto-optic trap.

Dr. Umakant D. Rapol

Assistant professor

Indian Institute Of Science Education and Research (IISER)

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,Pashan,

Pune, Maharashtra 411008, India

Ph: +91-20-2590 8012/8217

Fax: +91-20-2589 9790

Past Events:

Open Positions:

Highly motivated post-doctoral candidates are welcome for pursuing cutting edge research in area of Physics with ultracold atoms. Interested candidates may check this link.