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Facts and Figures on IISER Pune

Established in: 2006

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IISERs, as a group of institutions, are ranked 24 by the 2019 Normalized Nature Index Annual Tables for top academic institutions globally. The 2019 tables are based on Nature Index data of publications from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. The normalized ranking is derived by considering an institution's top quality output (publications) as a proportion of its total output in the natural sciences.
IISER Pune has been ranked 20 on a list of top 175 Young Universities (aged 50 and under) in the world by Nature Index.
Total Number of Research Publications from IISER Pune (2006-2019): 2,845
Year-wise Number of Research Publications

Year-wise numbers of Publications from IISER Pune

Department-wise Number of Publications

Department-wise research publications

The numbers have been sourced from Web of Science and from faculty members. Visit our Library's Digital Repository for further details on the Publications.



Career Choices of IISER Pune BS-MS Students upon Graduation
BS_MS_Alumni Careers Pie Chart_Oct2020          BS_MS_Alumni Careers Legend_Oct2020
A total of 768 students have been awarded BS-MS degree as of June 2019; data shown is for 535 graduated BS-MS students (for who we have data).
Of these, about 72% have chosen to pursue PhD and about 18% have taken up research based jobs or projects.
Career Choices of IISER Pune PhD Students upon Graduation
A total of 33 have been awarded the PhD degree as of March 2016. Data shown is for 22 students.