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Development of Promoters for Hypergolic Reactions 
Mon, Jan 28, 2019,   03:00 PM at Seminar Hall 31, 2nd Floor, Main Building

Prof. Michael Gozin
Tel Aviv University

Many Energetic Ionic Liquids (EILs) were reported as promising hydrazine-replacement fuels for hypergolic rocket propulsion. However, many of these EILs were ignited by corrosive and hazardous concentrated fuming nitric acid. Significant efforts were recently made to utilize highly-concentrated H2O2 as a “green” alternative to fuming nitric acid and N2O4 oxidizers. Although “rocket grade” H2O2 is more challenging for use and less safe for storage than commercially-available H2O(70%), the latter was not considered as a viable oxidizer for hypergolic propulsion. In our work, we focused on the development of novel iodine-rich promoters, capable to initiate hypergolic ignition reactions between a typical EIL fuel – 3-ethyl-1-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium cyanotrihydroborate and H2O2. Among prepared and evaluated promoters, the top performing [FcCH2NEtMe2+]2[B12I122–] showed short ignition delay times in the reaction of the tested EIL with H2O2. We also developed four novel iodocuprate-containing ionic liquids (CuILs), which exhibited the capability to efficiently promote hypergolic reactions between EIL fuels and highly-concentrated H2O2. The most promising promoter of CuIL type has high decomposition temperature, was found to be stable in a promoter-in-fuel formulation for weeks and showed very ignition delay times. We believe that our findings provide a platform for the development and utilization of H2O2 as potential “green” oxidizer for space propulsion.  
Prof. Michael Gozin did his undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Organometallic Chemistry (with Prof. David Milstein) at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). He then moved to the US and had R&D position at the PeproTech (Princeton, NJ) and Principle Scientist position at the Clinical Microsensors Motorola (Pasadena, CA). After returning to Israel, Prof. Gozin worked at the Medica Venture Capital Fund and subsequently joined Faculty of the School of Chemistry of the Tel Aviv University. Prof. Gozin is working in the field of organic synthetic chemistry and the development (synthesis, characterization, and evaluation) of new Energetic Materials, Nanomaterials, and Biopolymers. Prof. Gozin main interests are in the development of novel fuels, oxidizers and combustion catalysts for space propulsion and highly thermostable energetic materials for deep well oil and gas excavation. Dr. Gozin published more than 80 papers and 18 patents, he is currently a Visiting Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the IIT Bombay and a former Head of the National Committee in Chemistry and Materials of the Israeli National Institute of Standards.