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Watching Molecules and Particles in Real-Time 
Wed, Dec 06, 2017,   04:00 PM at Physics Seminar Room 31, 2nd Floor, Main Building

Dr. Hima Manasa Kandula
UNIST, Korea

Abstract :

Observing the dynamics of individual molecules in real-space and time continues to remain an enduring problem in material science. Working towards overcoming this limitation, we have developed methods to image individual macromolecules using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in liquid environments. Unlike static imaging with conventional TEM, this liquid-phase TEM opens opportunities to investigate dynamical features of materials with nanometer resolution. Nevertheless, imaging single molecules in liquid with TEM comes with a lot of challenges. In this talk, I will discuss how by using graphene sheets to wrap liquids, we demonstrate the possibility of investigating polymers with single molecule resolution using TEM. Our study provides a direct visualization of numerous dynamical features of polymers. As dynamics is an integral part of most soft materials there is a continuous effort to use liquid-phase TEM for investigating various materials including living matter. I will also discuss our efforts to go beyond polymers and use it for other soft systems. In the same spirit of understanding soft matter, I will discuss our on-going efforts to study out-ofequilibrium behavior using active colloids. In particular, I will talk about an active colloid system which develops from the in-situ assembly of passive particles and the hierarchical assembly that appears thereafter. Together, a picture emerges in which simple experiments, performed using new experimental methods, lend insight into important matters relevant to soft materials.