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Webinar on tissue analysis in histopathology and biology

Organized by TissueGnostics Asia Pacific Limited, Gurgaon


This is a half day seminar on tissue analysis in histopathology and biology. The program has elements of imaging, image analysis and tissue analysis and all these are activities and research interests of the faculty and students of IISER, Pune. The goal of the seminar is to convey to some extent, the developments in this field to upcoming researches in translational tissue biology and histopathology. Please see the poster and webinar schedule for further details.
About TissueGnostics: 
TissueGnostics is a company involved in the cytometric analysis of tissues within an outcome very much like flow cytometry but carried out in-situ, non-invasively, in a microtome section of a tissue. It uses a combination of whole slide imaging, single cell analysis, spatial analysis, targeted omics and data analysis based on artifical intelligence algorithms. All this put together makes TissueGnostics an important player in the domain of digital pathology and precision medicine. More details about the company, its technical approaches and products can be found at its website at:
Speaker Affiliation
Dr. Gruber Florian Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Dr. Amirreza Mahbod Institute of Pathophysiology and Allery Research, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Dr Neeta Devi Sinnappah-Kang Visible Light Technology (former Head, Betty Cowan Reseand Innovation Centre, Christian
Medical College and Hospital, India)
Dr. Amit K Bhattacharya TissueGnostics, India
Dr. Debarka Sengupta Associate Professor, IIITD, India
Dr. Jyothi S Prabhu Associate Professor, Division of Molecular Medicine, St. John's Research Institute, India
Dr. Kundan Sengupta Associate Professor, Department of Biology, IISER Pune, India
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