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National Animal House Facility 

National Facility for Gene Function in Health and Disease (NFGFHD)


National Facility for Gene Function in Health and Disease (NFGFHD) is a state-of-art facility established at IISER Pune. It is spread over 1,00,000 square feet, with 45,000 square feet area dedicated to animal care and research procedures. The facility is meant for generating in-house transgenic/knock-out animals and act as a national-level repository of such animal models. This facility is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Govt. of India and works in compliance with in-house animal ethical committees.


Currently, it houses approximately 15,000 research animals of different species, including specialized research animal models of mice (Balb/C, C57BL/6, NOD scid, CD1, Athymic nude, SCID beige and several transgenic and knock out strains); rats (Wistar S.D.); zebra fish (transgenic and wild type); zebra finch; Drosophila species; Xenopus levis; and New Zealand White rabbits. The desired macro and micro environment provided to the housed animals and humane care matches with specifications laid down by FELASA, AAALAC, INSA, NC3r and CPCSEA. The facility maintains a strict microbiological barrier, where admittance is strictly limited. All animals are maintained in individual ventilated cages to limit the spread of colony infection.  The facility uses sterile food and water, as well as autoclaved cages and bedding. It is well equipped with genetic monitoring, health monitoring and pathology labs for strain characterization and maintainance of disease-free laboratory animals. 


NFGFHD provides various services and support related to laboratory animal research, within and outside the institute. It involves breeding, maintainance and supply of laboratory animals for researchers. We also conduct orientation programmes and trainings, and provide veterinary assistance to all authorised animal facility users. We offer major services for transgenic creation (Crisper and ES cell electroporation), embryo/sperm cryopreservation, re-derivation of cryo embryos, genotyping, different surgical models, etc. (more information about provided services and fees).