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IISER Pune believes that benefits of high-quality science education and infrastructure should not remain restricted to members of the institute.
As an attempt to spread the excitement of science and to make the expertise and facilities at IISER Pune available to the science and education community, we engage in several Outreach activities.
As a privileged section of the society with access to substantial resources, we recognize our duty towards the local community and the environment. Staff and students of IISER Pune are actively involved in a variety of social outreach activities. Visit our Social Outreach page to know more.
   2. Visit IISER
We welcome visits from groups of school, colleges and other academic institutions to see our well-equipped labs, library and other teaching and research facilities. We can organize lectures by faculty members, visits to specialised technical instruments and also give information on IISER Pune's activities. Go to the Visit IISER page to know more.
    3. Educational and Science Outreach: Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (COESME)
IISER Pune has established the COESME under Ministry of Education's Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission for Teachers and Training (PMMMNMTT). Objectives of the COESME are to improve science education at all levels through teacher training, short- and long-term student projects, and a hands-on science activity exploratorium. Visit the COESME page to know more.
Also see the Science Activity Centre page.
The Science Media Centre at IISER Pune helps in bringing scientific research and events happening at the institute to the non-specialist audience in print, audio and video form. The Centre also trains students as well as researchers in the basics of media production and produces science educational content. Visit the Science Media Centre's webpage to know more.
For any queries regarding our various outreach activites, please write to outreach@iiserpune.ac.in