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Deepak Dhar

Distinguished Professor Emeritus and NASI-Senior Scientist


Critical phenomena on fractals, branched polymers, disordered magnets, self-organized criticality, proportionate growth in biology, protein-folding, models of super-cooled liquids and glasses


Deepak Dhar obtained his BSc degree from the University of Allahabad, Masters from IIT Kanpur, and PhD in Physics from California Institute of Technology. From 1978-2016, he was in the Department of Theoretical Physics at TIFR Mumbai, and been at IISER Pune since November 2016.

Prof. Dhar's interest is in Statistical Physics. He has worked in the areas of fractals, self organized criticality, percolation and animal problems and slow relaxation in magnets and glasses.


Phase transitions in models with only hard core Interactions

Prof. Deepak Dhar's current research interests are mainly in phase transitions in phase transitions with only hard core interactions. The phase transition in a system of hard spheres as a function of density from a gas like to a solid -like crystalline phase have been studied for a long time. He has studied lattice models of long straight rods of fixed length k (called kmers) show two phase transitions : from isotropic to nematic to a high density disordered phase.

Selected Publications

Dhar D, Lattices of effective nonintegral dimensionality, (1977), J. Math. Phys. 18, 577.

Dhar D, Exact solution of a directed site animals enumeration problem in 3 dimensions, (1983) Phys. Rev. Lett. 57, 853.

Dhar D, and Ramaswamy R, (1989) An exactly solved model of self-organized critical phenomena, (1989) Phys. Rev. Lett., 63, 1659.

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A. Ghosh and Dhar D, (2007) On the orientational ordering of long rods on a lattice, Europhysics Letters, 78, 20003.

Dhar D, Sadhu T and Chandra S. (2009) Pattern formation in growing sandpiles, Europhysics Letters, 85, 48002.

Dhar D and Lebowitz JL, (2010) Restricted equilibrium ensembles: Exact equation of state of a model glass, Europhysics Letters, 92, 20008