Experimental Tools


EMBL Heidelberg europe's flagship molecular biology institute

Health Science and Technology (HST), Harvard-MIT, Boston

BioModels database at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Science communication in Angrezi.


Scientific programming

Experiments with MATLAB [link]

Computational Cell Biology

Computational Cell Biology, Eds.: C.S Fall, E.S. Marland, J.M. Wagner, J.J. Tyson (2000) Springer Verlag.

International Conference on Computational Cell Biology, @CSHL, USA Next: 2-22-July-2010

Getting around

Heidelberg the city, tourism, getting there and away.

Pune: getting there, around and away

Outdoors in S.W. India

Trekdi A hiking group that organizes treks mostly in and around Pune region, but also to Himalayan destinations

Scuba diving in Goa: divegoa


Omniglot More languages than you ever thought were possible.

South Asian Classic Art

  • Buddhist relics from Gandhar (Kandahar, modern Afghanistan) at Guimet musuem, The largest collection of Asian art outside Asia. Location: Paris, France.
  • The Diamond sutra: the oldest known block printed text (with date 11-May 868 CE, and author name; about 587 years before the Gutenberg Bible was first printed: source) in the world. Vajracchedikā-praj˝āpāramitā-sūtra (perfection of wisdom cutting like diamond ) . Location: British Library, London, United Kingdom

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