Recent Research Areas (details)

  • Complex networks, multiplex networks
  • Interacting networks- emergent dynamics, pattern formation and topological charaterisation
  • Emergent Dynamics and interplay of time scales in complex networks
  • Effect of environment in the dynamics of complex systems
  • Recurrence networks from the time series
  • Modeling biological systems

Major Research Contributions (details)

  • Perturbative scheme for the renormalization group equations
  • Hamiltonian formulation for quadratically damped systems
  • Scaling relations for Lyapunov exponents and dimensions near onset of chaos
  • Lattice stochastic resonance in coupled map lattices
  • Parametric characterization of multi fractal spectra 
  • New coupling scheme for synchronization using variable delay and reset
  • New scheme for amplitude death in coupled systems
  • New mediated attachment method for growing networks that can model real world networks
  • RAndom Interacting Network (RAIN) model to model interactions between complex networks
  • Methods to construct networks from time series or observational data and to use network-based measures to detect underlying structures

Research  publications (details)

Research Projects

  1. 'Study of Universal constants &Universality relations in Nonlinear Maps' awarded by the UGC, New Delhi during 1988-89- completed.              .
  2. Stochastic resonance studies in Pendulum systems and two parameter maps’ from DST, New Delhi – 2000-03- completed.             
  3. Emergent dynamics on growing networks with comparable time scales- DST 2010-13-completed
  4. Interacting networks to model and control dynamics of complex systems - DST- DAAD-2012-143-completed
  5. Complexity Measures from multifractal analysis to characterize ECG data for diagnosis and therapy- DST SERB- ongoing

Research group at IISER, Pune

  1. Snehal Shekatkar-PDF              .
  2. Kajari Gupta-JRF             
  3. Sandip Varkey George-Integrated PhD
  4. G A R S R K Kashyap-Integrated PhD

 Research Collaborators

  1. Prof Juergen Kurths, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
  2. Prof  R E Amritkar, PRL,  Ahmedabad
  3. Prof G Rangarajan, IISc, Bangalore
  4. Prof Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, IISc, Bangalore
  5. Dr R Misra- IUCAA, Pune
  6. Dr K P Harikrishnan, Cochin College, Kochi

Research Training and Guidance

Post doctoral

  1. Abhijeet Sonawane - Jan2011-Aug2012
  2. Snehal Shekatkar- May 2016-

Phd level

  1. K I Thomas- Studies related to Chaotic behaviour in Nonlinear  Dynamical Systems – PhD awarded, May 2004.             
  2. Sujatha N V  - Chaos and Pattern formation  in coupled Non linear maps  -PhD awarded-  April 2005
  3. Kamala Menon – Fractal Patterns & Stochastic Resonance in Coupled Map Lattices –PhD awarded-June 2010
  4. Ambika K - Studies on stability, synchronization and scaling behavior in coupled nonlinear systems – PhD awarded- Sept 2010
  5. Resmi V – Environmental effects on the Dynamics of coupled Nonlinear Systems - PhD awarded July2012
  6. Snehal Shekatkar- Pattern formation and Interacting Networks - PhD awarded, May 2016
  7. Kajari Gupta- Dynamics of Coupled systems- ongoing
  8. Sandip Varkey George- Complex dynamics of variable stars from their light curves - ongoing
  9. G A R S R K Kashyap- Structure and Dynamics of directed network sunder loss of links -ongoing

Project Assistants

  1. Yogesh .V.Deshpande -2011-12
  2. Ashutosh Agnihotri -2012-13
  3. Yamini Kotriwar- May 2016-

Undergraduate level

  • Summer/ semester projects at MS / MTech/ BTech - 60