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About Library 

    'To become world class learning resource centre in the area of science education and research and to help its parent organization to achieve its aim of becoming a science university of highest caliber with state of the art research and high quality education'.

    'To provide high quality information resources in all forms to IISER-P community and achieve excellence in service'.

    'To select, collect, create, organize, preserve, manage and provide access to information sources in print, non-print and digital forms, regardless of physical location, to support scholarly pursuit, learning, teaching and research in the Institute'.

    Present Collection Statistics
    Print Books - 25000
    e-Books - 6000+
    Print Journals / Magazines - 50
    e-Journals - 3000+
    Digital Repository Records - 1000+
    Ph. D Theses - 150+
    MS Theses - 600+
    Bibliographic Databases - 3

    Service Hours
    Opening Hours: 8am - 11pm on all days including holidays.
    Circulation Desk (Self check-out Kiosk): 8am - 11pm on all days including holidays.

    Circulation System
    Circulation system of the library is completely automated with RFID based technology, biometric enabled user athentication, self check-out kiosk and system generated reminders. For circulation of documents 'Self Service Kiosk' is installed in the library which enables users to check-out, check-in and renew books by themselves. Kiosk is operational from 8AM to 11PM on all days including holidays. For each transaction, Kiosk generates the receipt with details of documents transacted and due dates. To make use of automated Kiosk service, users need to get their fingerprint recorded once at the Circulation Desk during library working hours. Please note that Kiosk will not allow users to get books issued if their library account quota is already full. It will also not allow for renewal of overdue books and books having reservations. Security Sensor Gates are installed at the exit which sounds buzzer on passing of un-barrowed books. Premises covering Kiosk and Sensor Gates are being continuously monitored with DVR camera for security reasons.

    All students, faculty members and staff of the institute are entitled to register as members of the library and to use the facilities & services offered for the purpose of their academic, research and administrative work. Use of library facilities and services implies acceptance of its rules and procedures.

    Borrowing of reading materials facility is available to the faculty, researchers, students and staff of the Institute. The registration to use the library facility and services is automatic for the faculty and staff on joining the institute and for students on registration for the courses.

    For details about Visitor Membership click here.

    Borrowing Privileges
    BS-MS Student - 4 books for 30 days
    Integrated Ph.D Student - 5 books for 30 days
    Junior Research Fellow - 5 books for 60 days
    Senior Research Fellow - 7 books for 180 days
    Post Doctoral Fellow - 7 books for 180 days
    Teaching Assistant - 2 books for 30 days
    Project Assistant - 3 books for 30 days
    Project Fellow - 3 books for 30 days
    Research Associate - 7 books for 180 days
    Faculty - 50 books for 365 days
    Visiting faculty - 5 books for 90 days
    Adjunct faculty - 5 books for 90 days
    Teaching Assistant - 3 books for 30 days
    Staff - 3 books for 30 days
    Temporary Staff - 1 book for 15 days

    Charges for overdue books for all category of users
    Rs.1/- per day per book for 3 days after due date.
    Rs.5/- per day per book from 4th day and onwards after due date.

    Photocopy and Printing Facility
    Students can avail photocopy and printing facility @ 50 paisa per page.

    Computers in Library
    Computers are placed in the library for using OPAC and accessing the resources for academic and research work. Using library computers for emailing is strictly prohibited.

    Library Communication Policy
    Library normally communicates with members via Institute email address. Communications from the library includes announcements, notices, information about overdue books, reservations, recall of issued items etc. Members are therefore requested to check their emails regularly.

    Library Team

    Dr.Umeshareddy Kacherki
    E-Mail: ureddy@iiserpune.ac.in
    Phone: 91+ 20 25908004

    Shiva Shankar Mahato
    Assistant Librarian
    E-Mail: shiva.mahato@iiserpune.ac.in
    Phone: 91+ 20 2590 8622

    Ms.Tanuja Sapre
    Library and Information Assistant
    E-Mail: ashedbalkar@iiserpune.ac.in
    Phone: 91+ 20 25908019

    Ms.Namrata Shinde
    Library and Information Assistant
    E-Mail: namratashinde@iiserpune.ac.in
    Phone: 91+ 20 25908233