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Ph.D. Courses

The following courses will be offered for first year graduate students.

MTH 610 Algebra I 4 Cr
MTH 611 Analysis I 4 Cr
MTH 612 Topology I 4 Cr
MTH 618 Algorithms(Discrete Mathematics) 4 Cr
MTH 619 Probability 4 Cr

MTH 620 Algebra II 4 Cr
MTH 621 Analysis II 4 Cr
MTH 622 Topology II 4 Cr
MTH 623 Discrete Mathematics II 4 Cr
MTH 624 Probability theory II 4 Cr
MTH 631 Graduate Theory Project 4 Cr

Students have to choose any three topics from Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Discrete mathematics and Probability in the first semester and students may replace one of these by a topic course/theory project in the second semester.

Comprehensive exams

These courses are meant to help the student prepare for the Comprehensive Exams. The minimum course requirement in the first year is two courses per semester. A student may choose to write a comprehensive exam in a subject with/without crediting the corresponding course. Students also have the option of auditing a course, if the course instructor agrees. The syllabi for the comprehensive exams are given below. Please note that even if your course instructor covers additional topics, the syllabi is fixed for the comprehensive exams.

Syllabi for comprehensive exams: Algebra, Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Probability, Topology.

List of special topics.

Please click here to for the old syllabus.

Here are some old comprehensive exams