• Anup G Pillai
  • Anup G Pillai

    Post Doctoral Fellow

    Email anupgp [at]

    Investigate the role of astrocyte-­neuron communication in synaptic plasticity and disease using computational models.

  • Gaurang Mahajan
  • Gaurang Mahajan

    Post Doctoral Fellow

    Email gaurang [at]

    Computational study of the role of ER calcium store in post-synaptic signaling and plasticity

  • M Vidyadhari
  • M Vidyadhari

    PhD Student

    Email m.vidyadhari [at]

    I’m interested in understanding the role of presynaptic mechanisms in Long Term Plasticity

  • Nishant Singh
  • Nishant Singh

    PhD Student

    Email nishant.singh [at]

    I am currently studying the role of presynaptic calcium store (ER) in short-term plasticity in normal and alzheimer's disease condition. I use biophysically detailed modelling for the study.

  • Rohan Sharma
  • Rohan Sharma

    PhD Student

    Email rohan.sharma [at]

    Neuromodulation with acetylcholine and its role in memory consolidation and retrieval

Previous Lab Member

Post Doctoral Fellow

Anup G. Pillai (2014-18)

MS Project Students

Pratyush Ramakrishna (2017-18)

Subhadra Mokashe (2016-17)

Himanshu Rajmane (2015)

Semester Project Students

Prerana Kumar (Fall 2018), IISER Pune

Kabir Dabholkar (Fall 2018), IISER Pune

Koustav Halder (Fall 2018), IISER Pune

Mekhala Kumar (Spring 2016), IISER Pune

Vaibhav Thakur (Spring 2015), IISER Pune

Harini S. (Fall 2015), IISER Pune

Sadhana Panzade (2012-14), IISER Pune

Aditi Maduskar (2012), IISER Pune

Krishna Anujan (2012), IISER Pune


Vaibhavi Itkyal (Summer 2018), IIT Madras

Kabir Dabholkar (Summer 2018), IISER Pune

Sai Smith (Summer 2018), IISER Pune

Snigdha Samantaray (Summer 2017), IISER Pune

Pranav Joshi (Summer 2017), IISER Pune

Koustav Halder (Summer 2017), IISER Pune

Shivani Pandey (Summer 2016), Delhi University

Gangchen Dolma (Summer 2016), Delhi University

Malvika Srivastava (Summer 2016), Delhi University

Lucas Holiday (Spring 2016), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pascal Hecker (Fall 2015), University of Göttingen

Deven Vishwas Gokhale (Summer 2014)