Current members:

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Ongoing PhDs

Prachi Telang
Joined as iPhD
Research topic: Pyrochlore Iridates near their topological meatal–insulator phase boundary

Dibyata Rout
Research topic: Spin–1 quantum magnets/Haldane chains

Kumar Saurabh
Research topic: Exploratoration of potential half-Heuslers thermoelectrics

Navita Jakhar
Research topic: Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of transition metal chalcogenides

Anupam Singh
Joined as iPhD Aug 2017
Research topic (tentative): Gap symmetries in FeSCs / MR studies in Dirac and WSMs

Ongoing 5th year BSMS research Students (Master thesis)

1. SriPragna Dubbaku : Evolution of structural, electronic and magnetic properties upon Mg-doping in BaIrO3
2. Nupur Sontakkey : Thermoelectricity in doped NbFeSb alloys

Current Project students
Prakash Kumar: Single crystal growth of Dirac materials

Former members:


Luminita Harnagea
Current position: WOSA IISER Pune


Koushik Karmakar
completed PhD in Yr. 2016;
Research topic: Crystal growth and magnetic properties of impurity induced changes in the ground state properties of one-dimensional spin 1/2 quantum magnets
Current position (MAr 2018): Post-doc at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Rabindranath Bag
Research topic: Crystal growth of novel transition metal oxides: low–dimensional ladders amd orthoferrites
Current position: Postdoctoral fellow at the Duke University

Rohit Kumar
(co-supervisor Dr. Sunil Nair)
Research topic: Iron-based superconductors: Crystal growth and magnetotransport
Current position: will be joining Zhejiang University

BS-MS fifth year students:

Lakshmi Bhaskaran
University of Pune (year 2011)
Current position (2016) Florida State University

Sharada. G
University of Pune (year 2012)
Current position (2017): PhD, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Amartya Singh
IISER BS-MS (Co-supervisor Dr. Christian Hess, IFW Dresden)
Current position: Rutgers University, Department of Physics

Pravu Prasad Dhal
IISER BS-MS, Synthesis and magnetic properties of (La, Ca)CoO3-x
Current position: MBA at Xavier Institute of Management

Kshiti Mishra
IISER BS-MS, Bi-doped pyrochlore iridates
Current position: PhD student at the Radbound University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Harleen Kaur
SRM University, Chennai (year 2014) Current position:
Sanchayeta Mudi
IISER BS-MS, Synthesis and properties of R4Ni3O10 and R4Ni3O8 (R = La, Pr and Nd) (year 2019) Current position: Joined PhD @ University of Pittsburgh

Haritha Rajeev
IISER BS-MS, Structural and physical characterization of wet-chemically synthesized pyrochlore iridates (year 2019) Current position: Joined PhD @ University of Virgina

Prakash Kumar
IISER BS-MS, Thermoelectric properties of thiospinels Cu1-xCo2+xS4 (year 2019) Current position: Project student @ IISER Pune

Junior research fellows on various externally funded projects

Kalyani Thakur
Worked as a JRF for 3 months on sysnthesis of nano-thermoelectrics
Current position: Research intern at OIST Japan

Giri Mani
Worked as a JRF for nealry 2 yrs on crystal growth of pnictides
Current position: Royal Holloway university of London, UK

Ziya Shaikh
JRF on SERB project on pnictides

Visiting project students

Debaleena Guha
Worked in my lab during winter break as a visiting Student from NIT Agartala
Current position: Final Yr. Student at NITA

Hugo Kowalczyk
Visiting Student (internship) from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Parisaris
Current position: PhD student at UPMC

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