Topological Particles Workshop

A 10th year event of IISER Pune


This workshop is inspired by the theme of emergent topological particles in condensed matter — such as anyons, composite fermions, Majorana fermions, Dirac monopoles and skyrmions — the investigation of which has led to fascinating new developments in recent years. These particles are relevant to the fractional quantum Hall effect, topological insulators and topological quantum computation.

The workshop will start with an Advanced School featuring many pedagogical lectures that will provide an introduction to the basic background, intended for students as well as others new to these topics. This part of the activity will last from the morning of Thursday, August 6 until lunchtime on Saturday, August 8. It will be followed by invited talks by international experts starting on the morning of Sunday, August 9 and ending at lunchtime on Tuesday, August 11. We expect 80-100 participants in all.

We plan to have an excursion to the tourist sights in/around Pune on the afternoon of Saturday, August 8.

Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members interested in participating are requested to email Participation is by invitation only.

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