Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411008, India
Phone: +91-20-25908000

Reaching IISER Pune

How to Reach Pune

Pune is well connected by air, rail and road to other major cities in India. The airport is located in Lohegaon. When arriving by train or bus, you can alight at either Pune Junction (main railway station and bus stand) or at Shivajinagar station / bus stand. Another option, particularly for international visitors, is to travel to Mumbai and then take a taxi, bus or train to Pune.

How to reach IISER Pune

IISER Pune is located in between Pashan and Baner areas, in the north-western part of Pune city. It is about three kilometers from Pune University circle. If you take Baner road from Pune University circle, you will reach the Baner Gate of IISER Pune on your left, after about 3 km (between ITI Road junction and Someshwar Wadi junction). On the pashan side, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) is a known landmark very close to IISER. Going from Pune University towards Pashan, the Pashan Gate of IISER Pune is located about 200 metres from NCL gate, on the same side of the road.

Pune Municipal Transport buses halt at Baner Road opposite to Baner Gate and at the Panchavati bus stop located just opposite to the Pashan gate. We would advise that if you are coming by autorickshaw or taxi, please get the vehicle inside the campus as it can be a fairly long walk from the gate with luggage.

Note: Autorickshaws charge a higher rate at night.

If your destination at IISER Pune is the Lecture Hall Complex (which also houses Sir C. V. Raman Auditorium) or Main Academic Building, we recommend that you enter the campus via Baner Gate.

From the Airport

By taxi / autorickshaw, IISER Pune is about 18 km from the airport. An autorickshaw will cost around Rs. 200 to 250 while a taxi will be around Rs. 350.

From the Railway Station

IISER Pune is about 10 km from Pune main railway station and an autorickshaw will cost between Rs. 100 to 150.

From Shivajinagar, the distance to IISER Pune is about 6 km and an autorickshaw will cost about Rs. 75.

If you are coming by PMPML bus, please alight at the Panchavati bus stop (for Pashan gate) or at Someshwar Wadi stop (for Baner gate).

Pune from Mumbai

From the Mumbai airport, take a taxi to Pune (Coolcabs for example). One can also go to the Mumbai CST station and take a train to Pune. Tickets may be booked in advance - please visit the Indian Railways site.  

One can also travel from Dadar or Borivali by a Volvo bus to Pune. This can cost between Rs. 350 to 550.