Photo of a high performance cluster machine

Department of
Data Science


The development of data science as a distinct field of research and education has been propelled by the exponential growth in both, quantity and complexity of data, not just in the sciences, but in all domains of life. Even as the exact nature or definition of data science continues to evolve, the novel techniques originating in the field have already begun to make a deep impact in natural sciences ranging from single-cell biology to astronomy, in social sciences, in public health, as well as in industrial applications.

The department envisions a synthesis of the three foundations of data science: (i) statistics and probability, (ii) applied mathematics, and (iii) computer science. It naturally builds on the existing core strengths of IISER Pune in basic sciences and humanities.

The department focuses on a three-tiered strategy of education, research, and innovation in all domains of data science. These include theoretical underpinnings, development of new methods, and a variety of applications. The department seeks to cultivate collaborations with other departments in the institute as well as other academic and industry researchers.