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We welcome you to explore the many ways you can connect with us to learn about the work and life at IISER Pune.

Perhaps you are a student, or the parent of one, and would like to know about the academics at the institute. Or, a researcher looking to join or collaborate with one of the research groups at the institute, a professional interested in contributing to the research and education ecosystem in India, or an alumnus curious to learn what we have been up to most recently.

Our website and social media pages would have something for each of you! We also circulate a quarterly email newsletter for a recap of what the most recent couple of weeks have been like at the institute. Find below links for these. 

Social Media Pages of the Institute: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Impact, a quarterly Newsletter from IISER Pune

Social Media Pages of Outreach Centres at the Institute

News content on the institute website is managed by a small team from our Research Communications Office, often with help and contributions from other members at the institute including our students, staff, researchers, and outreach teams. 

If you are a student from IISER Pune and wish to contribute to the website content through photography, graphics, illustrations, news stories, etc, please write to us on We will be very much interested in connecting with you. 

For queries related to other specific topics such as academics, opportunities, etc, you can reach us through relevant email IDs included on our Contact page.

If you would like to share with us your comments and suggestions, or if you found an error on one of our pages, do let us know and we will be happy to look into it. Here is a form to reach us on.