The Integrated PhD (i-PhD) programme at IISER Pune is aimed at highly motivated students who wish to pursue a career in research. Students with an excellent academic record can apply for the i-PhD programme upon completion of a bachelor's degree in any branch of science. The course combines curricula for masters and doctorate degrees into a single integrated programme with a blend of course work and research projects.

The first four semesters are dedicated course work specialised in one subject, in combination with research work. This is followed by the doctoral research project. On successful completion, students are awarded both a Master of Science degree and a PhD degree.

IISER Pune offers modern research laboratories and computational facilities as well as comfortable housing for students. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of seminars, meetings and workshops, giving them a chance to interact with people from other research organisations within the country and abroad.

Course Overview

IISER Pune offers Integrated PhD (i-PhD) as a research programme with a blend of coursework (2 years) and research projects. On successful completion, students are awarded both a Master of Science degree and a PhD degree. The first four semesters consist of core, elective courses and advanced courses specialised in one subject in combination with research work. On successful completion of coursework, related project work and a comprehensive exam, the student continues with the research leading to a PhD. Alternatively, after successful completion of coursework, students have the option of taking an MS exit by performing one additional year of research work as part of their MS thesis.  


The i-PhD programme is currently offered in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Click the following links to know more about the ongoing research in these departments at IISER Pune.

Biology  |  Chemistry  |  Mathematics  |  Physics

Additional information related to the i-PhD programme from the Mathematics department can be found here.