The major sections of the IISER Pune website are as follows:

Header Section of each page of the website

Through the Header section of each page, you can find the following information. These sections can also be reached through the Full Menu (represented by three short parallel lines) on top right corner of the website.

About: Gives information about the Vision and Mission, Leadership, Facts and Figures and various official Publications of the Institute. The About section also includes list of People at IISER Pune. This includes Faculty Members, Fellows and Project Scientists, Students (undergraduate and PhD), Post-doctoral Fellows, and Non-teaching Staff members). The About section also includes information on campus infrastructure and facilities.  

Research: Information regarding the research taking place at IISER Pune in various departments can be found here. You can also find pages regarding Research Publications, Research Centres and other Initiatives..

Education: All Information regarding the various academic programmes of the institute can be found in this section.  Overall information on each of the academic programmes at the institute and the Admissions procedures for various programmes are described in this section. Depending upon the time of academic year, links to admission forms, lists of shortlisted candidates for interviews, lists of selected candidates, etc. are displayed here. This section is frequently updated.

News and Events: The News sections lists various announcements related to IISER Pune, achievements by IISER Pune members and reports of events taking place at the institute. The Events Calendar lists the upcoming conferences, workshops, and training programmes organised at IISER Pune.

Engage with us: Information regarding various types of outreach initiatives of IISER Pune; information regarding national and international academic partnerships of IISER Pune; various research-related services offered by IISER Pune to corporates and academic organisations.

Search tool: The search box on the header allows you to search for information present on the website, such as that of specific faculty members. Kindly pay attention to spelling to obtain expected results. 

Footer Section of each page of the website 

Links to various pages are provided in the Footer section. Some links lead to internal pages within the IISER Pune website and some links lead to external pages. These topics include Tenders, Opportunities, Contact, Sitemap, etc. Further down at the end of the Footer, links to website policies such as Terms of use of the website, information on Right to Information, are given. 

Viewing information in various formats

You may find information in various file formats on this website, such as portable document format (PDF), etc. To views these properly the user’s browser would need the required plug-ins or software. If your system does not have these, you can download them from the internet, where they are freely available. Below are the plug-ins required for the various file formats on this website. The links provided are for the sources from where you can download the plug-ins:

  1. PDF files: Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. 2. Flash Content: Adobe Flash Player 3. Audio/Multimedia Files: Windows Media Player

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