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    From hazardous iodine waste to Lithium-ion battery

    Posted on Oct 04, 2023
    In a recent paper published in the journal ACS Materials Letters, research groups of Prof. Sujit K. Ghosh and Prof. Satishchandra Ogale have synthesised a covalent-organic framework to sequester hazardous iodine waste and have employed it as a cathode material for Lithium-ion battery. Here, BS-MS st...
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    A closer look at the Sun: Aditya-L1 Mission

    Posted on Aug 31, 2023
    The Aditya-L1 mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is scheduled for September 2, 2023. Prof. Bhas Bapat from IISER Pune has been involved with this work since his earlier tenure at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad and continues to be part of the team. He contributed in a m...
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    Computational study of ion conduction in lithium-ion batteries

    Posted on May 18, 2023
    In a paper published in the journal Nature Materials, Prof. Arun Venkatnathan’s group at IISER Pune studied the properties of lithium-ion battery materials at a molecular level using powerful computer simulation techniques. This work was carried out in collaboration with researchers from Templ...
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    Persistent effects on the sense of smell after COVID-19 infection

    Posted on Mar 31, 2023
    In a new paper in the journal Current Research in Neurobiology, Dr. Nixon Abraham’s group from the Biology department at IISER Pune reported on persistent olfactory learning deficits during and post-COVID-19 infection. This work was carried out in collaboration with researchers from BJ Governm...
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    A new hybrid aerogel to capture arsenic from water

    Posted on Dec 05, 2022
    Water crisis has been documented as an important global risk by the World Economic Forum and rightly so. Fresh water supplies are subjected to constant contamination owing to increasing industrialisation and urbanisation. Studies have identified metal-based oxoanions, such as arsenate, as one of the...
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    On the formation of a complete plant from a few cells

    Posted on Sep 02, 2022
    Shoot regeneration in plants: how are the cells selected and what governs their journey to become a complete plant Plants have a remarkable ability to rebuild new shoot and root systems, and give rise to fully grown plants from any part when cultured under optimum conditions. This ability has been ...
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    Computer simulations on sodium-ion battery electrolytes

    Posted on Apr 20, 2022
    Computer simulations reveal molecular interactions and ion dynamics in sodium-ion battery electrolytes In a recent series of papers, Prof. Arun Venkatnathan’s group has been studying intermolecular interactions and ion dynamics in sodium battery electrolytes through state-of-the-art computer ...
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    Catalysis made faster through hole migration

    Posted on Feb 25, 2022
    In a recent paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, researchers from IISER Pune and Rice University studied a fascinating mechanism for catalysis. Their results offer clues to a more directed approach for designing new catalysts. Catalysts help accelerate a chemica...
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    COVID-19: Genome sequencing efforts at IISER Pune

    Posted on Feb 20, 2022
    Variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pose a major challenge as some of these may have altered virulence, transmissibility, the potential to cause re-infections, and even breakthrough infections in the fully vaccinated. It is essential in this scenario to identify virus variants rapidly, at scale, along ...
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    Capturing carbon dioxide from a humid gas stream

    Posted on Jan 03, 2022
    A paper with researchers from University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, and companies Svante and BASF SE describes a new compound, a metal organic framework (MOF), that can capture carbon dioxide at an unprecedented scale from a stream of gas containing water.  Dr...
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    Pushing the boundaries of functional protein nanotechnology

    Posted on Sep 18, 2021
    Dr. Britto Sandanaraj’s group is working on developing new technologies and engineering new molecules for applications in the field of chemical biology and molecular imaging. In a recent set of papers, the group reported synthesis of new types of self-assembling artificial proteins and design ...
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    Creating spaces for defined chemical interactions

    Posted on Jun 15, 2021
    Creating spaces for defined chemical interactions: a new phosphorus-based supramolecule to spot chirality In a recent paper in the journal Angewandte Chemie, Prof. R. Boomi Shankar’s group at IISER Pune described the design and synthesis of an amino-phosphonium supramolecule for the chiral re...
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    A time and pace for cytokinesis

    Posted on May 05, 2021
    There is a time and pace for everything, cytokinesis is no different! In a paper in e-Life, integrated PhD student Swati Sharma and faculty member Dr. Richa Rikhy study the process of cell division and describe how a protein named GRAF regulates the time and pace of actin ring constriction, a pheno...
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    A rose is a rose is a rose; not so for calcium!

    Posted on Mar 17, 2021
    Most things are what they are, no matter what their genesis. For calcium though, provenance matters. This is the take-home from a recently published study from Dr. Suhita Nadkarni’s group at IISER Pune in which the team has investigated if and how calcium ions from different sources impact memory ...
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    On the therapeutic potential of heparan sulfates

    Posted on Mar 17, 2021
    In a recent series of papers, Dr. Raghavendra Kikkeri’s group explores the therapeutic potential of heparan sulfate, a linear carbohydrate (polysaccharide) molecule, which is typically found at the cell surface and in the extracellular matrix that holds cells together. Shown to be important...