Science Activity Centre makes Hands-on Science Toys

Smt. Indrani Balan Science Activity Centre

Science and mathematics are best understood by active and student-centred learning. Hands-on toys and models is a great way for students to explore concepts from the curriculum in a fun way. Smt. Indrani Balan Science Activity Centre established under CoESME at IISER Pune and set up through a generous donation by the Balan Group, Pune works to encourage the incorporation of this way of teaching-learning in regular practice.

The Science Activity Centre (SAC) is engaged in developing low-cost interactive science toys that can be used to teach science in an participative and hands-on way. The objective is to strengthen teaching and learning of science & mathematics through these simple toys and hands-on activities, which students can build and experiment with. SAC also generates educational resource material for students and teachers, aimed at improving conceptual understanding of topics from the curriculum.

Since its inception in August 2017, SAC has organised workshops, demonstrations, hands-on sessions and other activities for students, teachers and general public.



We conduct training for science and mathematics teachers
We conduct training for Science and Mathematics teachers

Educational Resources

We make innovative hands-on science toys and models
We make innovative hands-on science toys and models