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Department of
Humanities and Social Sciences


The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) department at IISER Pune plays a multifaceted role to further the mandate of the institute. The faculty members of the department offer courses and conduct research in fundamental humanities and social sciences disciplines as well as interdisciplinary areas that cut across different social and natural sciences.

The department generates scholarship in disciplines including history, architecture, literature, film and media studies, development studies, economics, political science and sociology. At the same time, the department is engaged in exploring the critical societal interface between the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Through such interfaces the members of the department expand the horizons of their own disciplines, generate interdisciplinary knowledge and pedagogic content, shape social and environmental policy, and catalyse community level social change.

The department has a doctoral programme through which advanced research is carried out by candidates in areas that can be supervised by our faculty. Prospective PhD applicants can write to individual faculty members for informal queries and apply through the PhD application portal.

Prospective faculty applicants are advised to write to hss.coordinator@iiserpune.ac.in for informal enquiries and apply through the faculty application portal. The department envisions breadth and depth of disciplines across the spectrum of the humanities and social sciences, and welcomes scholars and teachers from various HSS disciplines to apply.