Science demo activity with school students

Visit IISER Pune

Student groups from schools, junior & senior colleges, universities, Non Government’s Organizations (NGOs), and institutes are welcome to visit IISER Pune. ‚Äč

We have a large campus equipped with lectures halls, teaching as well as research labs with state-of-the-art instruments, science activity centre, science media centre, housing, dining and recreational facilities, and a well-stocked library. Visitors to the institute get a flavour of research and academic life on campus. We are happy to show to students of various disciplines, instruments and equipment that they may have learnt about but haven't seen. The visiting groups can also be given an opportunity to interact with IISER Pune faculty members from relevant fields. The visits are customised to suit the background and age-group of the students.

Representative image of a visit from school students to the Science Activity Centre on IISER Pune campus

Schedule of a Typical Visit

  • Such visits usually last for 3-4 hours and are planned in a morning or afternoon session on: working Wednesdays for school, junior college groups, and senior college/other groups.
  • Students are given an introductory talk about IISER Pune, its philosophy, academic programmes, admission procedures, short film about the information of IISER Pune.
  • The group is then given a general tour of the campus.
  • This is followed by a visit to specific labs / instrumentations facilities as per the background and requirement of the students.
  • A talk / interaction with one of our faculty members could be arranged, depending on their availability.
  • The visitors can spend some time exploring the IISER Pune library.
  • A Science Activity Centre with interactive science displays, demos and toys is being planned, where visitors can learn scientific concepts in a hands-on, experimental mode.


Representative photo of a group of teachers visiting the Science Activity Centre on IISER Pune campus

Organising a Visit to IISER Pune

  • We get a lot of visit requests, so please fill out the form below at least 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Provide information about your students and your institute, and your expectations from the visit.
  • Let us know the number of students and teachers that would like to visit. We can accommodate a minimum of 25 and maximum of 60 visitors at a time.
  • Suggest 3 dates (ONLY working Wednesdays) that may be suitable for you.
  • We will respond with feasibility of dates and agenda. 
  • The final programme and dates will be decided as per mutual convenience.


To organise a visit of your school, junior and senior college group to IISER Pune: Please fill out our online forms.

For Physical/In person visit: 

We also conduct online sessions for school and college students. For these online sessions, you can fill in the following form:

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Please note that visit requests through any other mode will not be accepted.