MSc Programme

The two-year Master of Science (MSc) programme at IISER Pune is a new programme, launched in the Academic year 2022-2023. It is aimed at highly motivated students with a bachelor's degree in any branch of science, who are interested in an intense in-depth enquiry in specialized areas of research and education, as available in different Departments in IISER Pune. 

The programme is distinct from the successful IISER Pune Integrated 5-year BS-MS and 6-year Integrated PhD programme, by offering a Master’s degree in a short period of 2 years. The MSc programme has an increased emphasis on course-work with research experience gained through short semester credit projects, summer training and a major research project in the second year. 

IISER Pune offers its students modern research laboratories, computational facilities and access to electronic study resources as well as comfortable housing for students. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of seminars, meetings and workshops, giving them a chance to interact with people from other research organisations within the country and abroad.

Course Overview

Each Department offering the MSc programme has designed a blend of coursework and research projects spread over four semesters. The Departments of Chemistry, Earth and Climate Science, and Mathematics will offer the Programme in the Academic Year 2022-23, followed in subsequent years by other IISER Departments.

Credit Structure

Semester I (August 2022): 20-24 Credits

Semester II (January 2023): 20-24 Credits

Summer (2 Months): 6 Research credits

Semester III (August 2023): 20-24 Credits

Semester IV (January 2024): 20-24 Credits

  • Credits can be completed by completing 3 or 4 credit courses which can be theory, laboratory-training based or research-based.
  • Summer training can also be conducted outside IISER Pune, with the approval of the concerned Department. Vacations can be taken for 1 month in Summer and in the month of December.



The MSc programme is currently offered in the departments of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Earth and Climate Science. Click the following links to know more about the ongoing research in these departments at IISER Pune.

Chemistry  |  Earth and Climate Science  |  Mathematics