Illustration representing various activities of the Science Media Centre

Sharing Science through Innovative Strategies

Science Media Centre is a cross-functional unit that brings together research and practice of science communication and public engagement. The Centre offers practitioners and science enthusiasts a platform to reflect on the current state of the field, and try out new ideas. The work broadly focuses on four areas: Product development, Professional growth, Pedagogy, or Public Education and Practice.


The Trials and Triumphs of G N Ramachandran

Produced by Vivek Kannadi and directed by Rahul Iyer. Won an Award in the 6th International Science Film Festival of India (ISFFI) under the category of “Best of Festival” in the theme “Science for self-reliant India and/or Science for global welfare”. 

Summary: G N Ramachandran is one of the greatest scientists India has ever produced. The Ramachandran Map is very well-known and used by biologists worldwide to this day. However, his exciting journey to the creation of the map, and his impact on Indian Science is perhaps less known.


Sir Fred Hoyle - The Man Ahead of Time

Produced by Vivek Kannadi and directed by Dr Suchibrata Borah; Won an award in the 10th National Science Film Festival of India (NSFF) under the category of “Poonam Chaurasia Memorial Award for Best Female Science Filmmaker / Cinematographer / Editor”.

Summary: Sir Fred Hoyle was one of the outstanding astrophysicists of all time. He was the pioneer scientist to initiate the concept of Stellar Nucleosynthesis. He was known for many controversial theories such as the Steady-State theory, Quasi Steady-State theory, Panspermia, Molecular Cloud, etc. Later, many of his theories were accepted by a major part of the scientific community. The documentary is a tribute to his enormous contribution to cosmology.



Superhydrophobic and Germicidal Nano-coating for PPE

Produced and directed by Vivek Kannadi and Dr Suchibrata Borah; Won Third prize in the Science Through My Eyes (Film Competition 2020) by INSA-SERB under the category of Working Professionals.

Green Soil

Won Bronze Beaver Award in IISF 2017 under Films made by college students

Summary: Green Soil is a story that has moved more than 300 other households in Pune city to act. Pune generates 1700 tons of waste every day. But the family of Priya Bhide (a pediatric physiotherapist) and Sunil Bhide (a chartered accountant) - chose to be different.